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    New history book out that raises some topics.

    Only catastrophe truly reduces inequality, according to a historical survey

    AS A supplier of momentary relief, the Great Depression seems an unlikely candidate. But when it turns up on page 363 of Walter Scheidel’s “The Great Leveler” it feels oddly welcome. For once—and it is only once, for no other recession in American history boasts the same achievement—real wages rise and the incomes of the most affluent fall to a degree that has a “powerful impact on economic inequality”. Yes, it brought widespread suffering and dreadful misery. But it did not bring death to millions, and in that it stands out.


    Perhaps the most fascinating part of this book is the careful accumulation of evidence showing that mass-mobilisation warfare was the defining underlying cause of the unprecedented decrease in inequality seen across much of the Western world between 1910 and 1970 (though the merry old Great Depression lent an unusual helping hand). By demanding sacrifice from all, the deployment of national resources on such a scale under such circumstances provides an unusually strong case for soaking the rich.

    ... and more Fun Facts and observations in the review.

    Not that the fake 'left' gets to gloat and congratulates themselves; their record of promoting 'equality' is even more dismal than the usual scapegoats, so there is enough failure to go around for every ideological flavor.

    Anybody think the next 'leveling' will be 'non-violent', and led by faux 'progressives'? So far they've certainly embraced class warfare, racism, and violent hate crimes, and abandoned genuine liberalism. And dialogue. And science. And education.

    Page of reviews. Pick your personal ideological biased source from the selection given:

    The Great Leveller By Walter Scheidel Review An End To Inequality 2017 | 2016 17 Scholarships
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