Dr.Paul Cameron,The Scientist of Truth

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    Dr.Paul Cameron is a famous American psychologist and founder of The Family Research Institute in Colorado Springs,CO Family Research Institute Dr.Paul Cameron did the true research on GLBT life studies that showed the divine truth that homosexuality is not a genetic and not natural,it is a human choice and in some terms is a mental illness.When APA was hijacked by the militant GLBT terrorists,too many junk scientists took over and began to put a propoganda sick lies that it is ok to be gay.Dr.Paul Cameron gave us the true research that never dies.
    Gays live filthy unsanitary lives.
    They urinate on each others-Golden Showers ritual
    Gays and dykes eat each partners feces,also gay men drink semen
    Gays are most carriers of STDs along with AIDS/HIV
    Gays carry scabbies,ringworm,and other fungal deseases do to their unclean hygenes.
    Most lives of gay peoples are short for men age 42 and dykes age 51.
    Most of them commit suicides and most of them end up in psychiatric wards do to their
    brocken lives,stresses,etc.
    Heavy use of alcohol,tobacco,and drugs are most common among gays.
    This is a fact.We can't get away from reality by creating this liberal media and Left Wing gurus' lies.

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