Double Sawari Banned for common citizen only benefit to local “transporters”

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    Double Sawari Banned for common citizen only benefit to local “transporters” and “ city police”

    I express my deep regret and dis-appointment due to DOUBLE SAWARI banned in Karachi for common citizen who creates problems and those who are professional PAID killers do their jobs in DOUBLE SAWARI and them gone away without any tension or fear.

    I must say the banned of DOUBLE SAWARI only benefited to our transporters and city Police. Our city Police pray that double sawari facility do not open for general public and such banned do not apply for city police ( what a law does not apply for them but entire general public must follow.

    If such type of banned I never heard or saw ever enforce to any country expect Pakistan. Those who have passed such order never realized how a common man suffered but they do not realized what happen to them.

    I must such lift this banned with immediate effect and do not await for any reasons to again banned DOUBLE SAWARI will is totally in-justice and playing with own country people.

    Anyone tell how this banned can help to control the target killing but yet not target killers yet arrested even banned continues, due to this banned millions of people from Karachi suffers on daily basis and on other hands local transporters earning a lot and our city police dream always catch 1 or 2 bike riders in double sawari.

    If our city Police works with sincere interest to catch the innocent double sawari riders if our city Police worked with 50% interest than no crimes exits in the city. But they do not think or works to catch the criminal or try to eliminate crimes in the city but they always want to catch the innocent people instead of criminals than tell how crimes rates will be reduce or control in city of Karachi.

    In last I request to Chief Minister and Governor of Sind, Home Department please do not banned the DOUBLE SAWARI in which common man suffers but tell how many criminals arrest and face the real punishment ( brought to the entire nation through media )

    Lift the banned without any delay so those who can afford to travel in public transport due to un-pleasant and high fare rates inpite of having own home bike but deprive to travel such type of banned apply is totally a in-justice and those who passed such law are first questionable and answerable to God that time no influence or power help you to save from God punishment.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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