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    *at admins, not a blog - a superpac - so you'll have to explain why you shut down a legitimate superpac manifesto if you edit this:

    First off, I believe it was Seminal, Serious, and ABOVE REPROACH IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER (officially) philosopher Billy Graham who established this first and second prong and wall of traditio-christianity - that is, the gravity of imitation and narcissism.

    This narrative IS official, and I urge any Christian reading this right now to take head of just how massively influential these concepts and subsequent official reaction TO said concepts by non-episcipo christianity have become in our dead and, quote (offcl dctt) "IN SERIOUS NEED OF SAVINGISTAN" fomerly great nation (god bless the troops though, but...). JFTR - I AM MAKING THIS UP AS I GO which, incidentally, is the best way to do anything according to mineself lulz [dsclmr - ths is nt an offcl dctt of ddu])

    ... second disclaimer- *ahem* official - the 'projection' add on, of course - has nothing to do with christianity but is a key element in understanding how unhealthy and bad for our children 'projection' and systems and ideologies which perpetuate 'projection' are.

    There's an old saying that goes something like - if the toad calls the frog 'warty', and the toad has a phd - then Hamlet dies again and again for eternity in vain, and, also brings us terrible television. hehehe - bad attempt at a joke.

    But, that is the meaning of 'projection' - I see mine own inadequacies as being upon others mental representations, both explicit and implicit. I'm sorry, the phrasing and emphasis of 'others' is mundane and obtuse- but I'm throwing a smidge of Rushkoffian rhetoric into this blog entry in the spirit of obannuka (HARAMBI VEY!)... lulzsec-

    So, Billy graham enshrined this valuation thusly... and, I can sum it up thusly (and note that this is the only 'official' moral judgement of Billy Graham's that I'm using in this short essay) - Narcissism is wrong....

    Immediately - due to indoctrination I received from my good pal Billy Ladd Cawthorne, I ask - 'Why?' Well, the trick is - even to ask 'Why?' at all as a response to moral sentiments, at very least AUTOMATICALLY as my own 'mirroring' indicates (phenomeno-digression, sry) completely misses the point of Protestantism.
    But lets play 'sir whilshelm the muttenly dag' for a moment and pursue this digression -

    Why? Why is Narcissism wrong?

    I'll let you feather that one out for yourself... and if you do a bit of phenomeno-investigation on your own reaction you may find an adequate affirmation of Faith.

    But faith needs no affirmation, at least not from the incurable... (official poetic statement of DDU lulz)

    Well, let's avoid questioning in any way the moral dictates of Graham, repent for doing so if yr christian, and ask a different 'non-why' question lulz...

    How much narcissism do you see in the world today?

    Objective, Absolute dctt of ddu - A FUCKING LOT! lulzsec.

    We can't escape it! and I'm not in ANY way refferring to Narcissism as defined by the Pagan Greeks i.e. looking at yourself in a mirror, looking at pictures of yourself, etc.

    I'm talking basically about a fancy convoluted (admittedly, but it has it's advantages for total nerd wanna be's like me lulz) way of saying - We are being- yes I'll say it with this phrasing and NO THIS ONE AIN'T OFFICIAL BUT "officially" I HAVE MY SUSPICIONS (lulz), we are being conditioned by demons to put ourselves before Jesus (root of philosophically defined narcissism), which amounts to a massive Satanic campaign to spread his wings over the entire globe before his eventual inevitable losses (and, no I'm not talking about Obama here - and in all honesty I hate his machine, but I officially wish the First Family a Happy Obannuka) - but, that's just a creeping, "delusional-paranoid-schizophrenic""dangerous dream" as meanly and unimaginatively declared by the New Leftinista Psychiatrist Club on the basis of contempt for tradition and jealously of youthfull libelous zeal.. not an acceptable and defensible position as it relates to christian theory etc.

    Now my explitivity may be shocking and enviously condemnable, but obfuscation without the sole intent of 'winning the battle' against satan... (btw - the NLPC considers 'spiritual' 'warfare' to be so 'contemptable' [they forget where the basis for 'contempt' originates *offcl pstn of ddu *ahem* that it deserves ideological anti-rational 'defense' on all fronts at all times in all ways by all people who have sold their souls to the Democrat Machine so sayeth lord zenu or whatever the fuck Chuck U. Schumer is supposed to be])lulzsec -continuing- is... well, treasonous. Sounds harsh, but I can garauntee you on the basis of my completely discredited empirical validity BIGLULZ that offcl dctt of ddu "All collectivist monsters of history have been characterized by people simply ignoring 'reality' - that is- 'objective' reality as defined by... hmmm.. who was it again? oh, I seem to recall with great clarity due to my devilish dance of Addie... JESUS CHRIST OUR LORDX AND SAVIOR YOU FUCKING *WORSE EXPLETIVE THAN F_WORD *redacted for contrats*lulzsec

    REPENT NOW OR DIE AND BE SHAMED ETERNALLY (official 'hyperbole' of DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED [disclaimer - DDU has a FUCKING COPYWRITE on this kind of hyperbole you FUCKING TRASH]

    So at this point a member of the NLPC would predictably and agin unimaginitavely respond - 'geez, little angry there hey guy' in that weasely faux canadian (would say faux french or something fancy but, get this - the NLPC recently got "laughed out" of a recentdebate regarding continental philosophy in France or wherever they make that kind of cheese everyone seems to admire so much on college campuses these days lulz.

    [disclaimer - NLPC, as in the reference and the wording, is half joke, half hyperbole, half HST reference, so be wary of trusting it too much} It's a mid nineties refurbished johnny depp 'man-bear-pig', but I'm still working on security clearance so the co-opting of liberal ideology WILL continue until I'm granted access to my own internal files lulzsec [REPENT OR DIE}Lulzsec

    So, okay - Billy Graham clearly wouldn't cosign on any level a half-muttley half-crazy drug use denying *AND I DENY ALL ALLEGATIONS OF DRUG USE former communist claiming that Narcissism is the most vulnerable tenet of Satan's scheme to (in the context of oldschool style 'sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids' anti-leftism) and we need to ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK or whatever else I've been proclaiming since my *off the record* burn notice. But he doesn't have to, because of this key, elementary, distiction between Billy Graham and Pope Paul...

    Protestantism is based in an 'individual' (offcl dctt of ddu - I am, yes to my critics, aware of the distinction between 'individual' and 'individualism') interpretation of the bible which, paradoxical as it may seem, is entirely contrary to 'subjectivism' or, as I empirically figured out by shamefull 'socrateasing' about for years, quote, "that guy at the cocktail party who, when urged to talk openly about ideas in a mostly non-judgemental and genuinely curious way, responds by immediately thinking you are deluded or stupid, harshly judging you, and writing off the very act of talking openly about ideas at a 'hey it's all groovy and cool and green for all eternity' party as, with zero philosophical credibility, 'just subjective and stuff dblqte "FWAAAAAAAAAAAAH'

    Well, I never had the balls to outright refute it! I didn't have the faith necessary for genuine philosophy and decent living at the time, so I philandered - not knowing what to say but getting the odd feeling that, well - okay I guess but still... that vague indefinable drive which is powerless without faith in the messiah (or, because it's obannuka, technically YWHY or however they cryptically spell it in Jew Town), and dreadfully melENCHOllically *DDU OFFICIALLY RESPONDS TO ALL TYPOS WITH MYSTERIOUS BUT REAL EIB DICTATE WHICH COMPLETELY DESTROYS ANY REFERENCE TO GRAMMER SPELLING ETC AS BEING GROUND FOR INVALIDITY OF ARGUEMENTS sic. rush limbaugh has an ontology, THAT'S WHY I LIKE HIM AND NOT his counterpoints who are more or less just entertainers (side note on the basis of Addie Dancing - If Sean Hannity doesn't have a ghostwriter for his official philosophical works (that is those things I used to read called 'books'), I'm srsly concerned about what Satan is whispering in the catholics ears... lulzGllwzHMR - no, but in all sincerity, any fan of Sean Hannity MUST pick up his incredibly well written CONSERVATIVE VICTORY *DDU ENDORSEMENT for the coming nerdstorm in 2012 lulzsecx lulz (DDU is in no way affiliated with lulzsec, just hopes the stylization will win over some random savy lifer)

    ...Just, y'know - if you are estabbyment GOP everytime you see the word TEA PARTY replace it with 'overly empathetic establishment repub' in the context of a recent and I quote this quotation highly sarcastically (which of course is the refuge of uncredentialed stooges like myself), "scientific" study (sry lvz Newton too much for someone who doesn't understand him) which said that, get this (and I swear it actually made me want to weep slightly on the basis of just how unsnarkily meanspirited the conclusion of said study was,


    anti-climax please maestro!

    offcl 'scntfc' stdy cncldd THAT -

    "rich people don't have feelings"

    DDU acknowledges that the lack of source reference completely invalidates all references and ain't that a shame, but - hehehe - that is ACTUALLY THE pragmatic CONCLUSION of the official result of the study -

    "People with MORE money have 'less empathy' than people with LESS money"


    You fucking people and your 'disease' spreading machine and vacuous ideologically driven lack of imagination are, unfortunately, making me super-fucksake-duper Nietzschian.. I'm sorry mm - NTZCHN via DDU's official access to ALL jewish hermeneutucs, the one, the only, Robert Solomon, husband of outspoken critic of feminism while still not being not feminist who is, praise jesus and Hitches if yr into that, currently still a major player in the Texas Intellectual curcuit sp? who passed away in an airport recently and should be remembered and reveared by all practicing jews before the potential end of the world this obannucah OFFICIAL DICTATE OF DDU WHICH SHOULD BE ENFORCED STRENUOUSLY IF YOU LIKE JEWISH HUMOR at all COUPLED WITH GENTLE 'solomons temple' REVELATIONS *rubs finger mysteriously like I'm wearing a ring lulzsec DDU IS NOT CO-OPTING ANYTHING THIS CHRISTMAS EXCEPT FOR punk rock AND hst, so y'know... I'm making a ridiculous dictate there which could potentially be a part of your..cut ctnd n cps blw-, and keep in mind DDU is against this in every way because a certain protestant philosopher who lefties love so much told 'mine' lulz to, with an admixture of rhetoric and hardcore theology (much worse than propaganda, btw)*llzu*bm- (ignore me srsly) and it stuck *hint - not N.

    cntnd (always remember) is perfect non-ganda - hheheh...


    that, ahem... erm, gulp... kngspch stmmr, hehehe *nervous laugh- ah, damn - whatevs...

    so, ahem - all edited is too be done by someone poorer than me,
    all pools past present and future are to be purchased in Sanford for all relatives possible (below ground only plz) -
    The continuity of the everyday vs. the esoteric interpretations of temporality are to be addressed in all classes teaching heidegger next semester and sold to said academic officials on the basis of their bleeding heart populism... aaaaaaand, finally -

    The final thought:

    Flip a coind to see if on rcrd or off -

    "Any attempt to argue any line of 'logic' in counterpoint to the dismally displayed certitude that Liberalism is a Disease, which is so verifiable empirically via the gracefull aging of Billy Graham versus any liberal pre-eminent thinker it's hilarious in Gallows Humor type of way really- 'best example 8thnk of yr own, but- but best example for me is Noam Chomsky..... blech - to quote mad mag - is to be immediately squashed with an official masonic hammer at just the point in time to do no injury whatsoever really but to make a public display of their inferiority followed by anything gleaned from DDU - I may not be IN school, but I can always teach... thank you, this probably won't make sense to anyone but a brother mason (and because I'm IN NO WAY official [super mason fan club street team WOOO], I can be explicit), but more than likely it won't make sense ESPECIALLY to a official mason, it is the desperate jo bros inspired S.O.S. to anyone who carries freemasonry in their heart in the form of a, humiliatingly, DDU Superpac agreement of

    90 % or more - Member

    75% or more - Don't join... run run, run for your life I'm totally evil for rlz!

    60% or more - DDU wishes you a merry christmas, and - get this, the entire U.S.A. public sector a happy obannucah - and wishes you would fully commit your pledge to the 1 % even though most of them look at me oddly... agh, jesus - ON THE BASIS OF WANTING TO MAKE THE ECONOMY PROSPER etc.

    50% Eh, flip a coin more to decide things dude - tmmy lee jones did it when batman movies weren't hardcore marxist propagand, and HE'S southern, right?>

    40% I would like you to try assessing my idea's with a light temperment, slight 'contempt' as defined by Solomon, and a genuine proclaimation by %80 percent of DDU members that - We know your better than us - we like it that way.

    ...not me of course, I'm rich.


    30% - 10% - You should really consider not being so apathetic about the need for 'Saving America' sentiment. SRSLY - dude, if we're not proper christian USA by WW3, it's not going to fun for anyone - and I know because the ghost of William S. Breivik of string theories 'alternate world' Secotr reverse bizarro superman world without batman but with seinfeld but strangely lacking the morning coffee cup you REALLY want official editor of what my good friend Jonathan Hartzell once coined...

    "Goebells Publishing U.S.A. division"

    but known in the world of 'real' philosophy as that bizarro world National Review issue I'm sorely missing but avoiding on the basis of TEA PARTY NAZI sympathizers like myself - hehehehe-

    ... erm, yeh - that's what William S. Breivik told me when I broke the mysterious seal to his evil cave of begotten wisdom and *not snarkily spoken at all - 'forgotten dreams'.

    So anyways?

    srsly, and you can recite this in the tone of the 'leave brit alone' girl if y want, because DDU tote ags with this -

    FUcksake leave barack alone this x mas... just` like, take george bushes 'every one gets to spend christmas at home with their fam 4 christmas' decision during his przzy as a f-ing precident or however you spell that fancy word that I don't technically know what it means if you press me but... damned if it ain't got a kind of cadence....

    DDU Final statement....

    I offer you proof that rich people are MORE compassionate and 'empathetic' than liberals who espouse 'compassion' as their guiding ethic....

    This simple old and well recognized secret to all of the wonders of the very real class system in america:


    thank you good night, i hope that your decision to distribute is based on appreciation of artistry and - if you don't appreciate it? don't!

    But if you are reading this and you appreciate it it anywhere from the 41 2 80+% margin?

    The DDU is basically pleading with you to reproduce these 'dictates' 'edicts' or 'drug inspired kinda communist communism but... anti-communist socialism (and DDU KNOWS you have theories about that)' in whatever way possible... tell that guy who's kinda loony who you know to read it... or tell someone who could potentially enact any of these extremely cutting ridge allusions to the many (and yes, I know - garden variety, but just so you don't miss it, jic) great ideas of the great thinkers of western civilization and command them to impliment them, I dunno?

    Whatevs dude it was worth a shot - hey, srsly tho' merry christmas, and remember the old saying:

    'remember remember the 5th of the old saying that liberals see every side to an arguement? Fucking forget that catholic guy fawkes and get with my brazen update for the new generation which deserves an authentic conservative/republican counterculture without any mexicans lulz, "pfffffft" + "Dubstep" + depending on opinion on dubstep "White people think their shit don't stink/marxists like the smell of their own farts" Equals a perfect way to pay tribute to our founding father for a generation which has been, light criticizm, 'crippled' 2 heavy criticizm 'destroyed' by the multi-culteral ACTUALLY EMPIRICALLY VERIFIABLE AND SUSPICIOUS AS SHIT *(official dictate of DDU) long term infiltration (i'm purposefull not choosing a synonym for infiltration because hey... to you, I'm... *fill in blank* and realize that god judges those who judge 'thing' lulz lest there is no such thing as any validity to what I learned in kindergarten that is heavily based in tradition and christianity.... [which is NOT what you think lulz trying to make my ending crazy to brand it]

    So remeber, if you have any idea of what liberty is and don't care about being un-pc -

    Express open dislike of immigrants for kicks and in puiblic if possible!

    DDU DISCLAIMER - i in no way ascribe to anything which would characterize that sentim,ent as 'illicit' use of 'shock'... 'sock and associated socialogical examination completely miss the beauty of Tarrantino, whom the DDU (look for the third and final intentional typo and you get a prize) has no p[articular fondness for, unofficially...


    you honestly don't understand cinema like me... you know why? it ain't reading, it ain't education, it ain't my family and my fathers constant leaking of 'cinema precense' out of his fingernails (as a marxist once encouraged me to say)... nope, it's because------------------------




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