Does "entrapment have more ethics than " liability"?

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    Do you know the difference between entrapment and the victim?

    Entrapment is the instigation to provoke, the outcome of a tailored or furnished circumstance; by supplying the contributing factors of cause in order to endorse the progress to derive the desired quota of consequence.

    Entrapment is a system of corruption to promote, bribe, blackmail, and blackball.

    Entrapment deprives the logic of custody, and sabotages the mission statement of pursuit in order to conceal or disqualify the purpose of liability otherwise known as the act of harboring a fugitive.

    Entrapment is an obstruction of justice because it harbors a fugitive and falsifies evidence.

    The goal of entrapment is to help the criminal blame the victim.

    Entrapment is the promulgation of deceit or fraud to introduce a decoy or trap for sponsoring the tools of crime in order to invite the recruit of a volunteer to commit the alleged criminal conduct, otherwise defined as the incite of false incrimination to produce a "scape goat".

    The logic of entrapment is to counterfeit the process of pursuit, to falsify the progress of liability in order to subdue or defile the goal of custody.

    The adult pornography industry provides the utensils to solicit the augmentation of customers in order to market the product of nude advocacy.

    The process of nude advocacy demonstrates the mentality of how to take clothes off, and not how to put clothes on.

    The goal of pornography expresses the mentality of how to take clothes off.

    The adult pornography industry exposes the customer to the seduction of how to get naked.

    A clothing store teaches people how to put clothes on, but an adult novelty store teaches people how to take clothes off.

    Mentality is contagious to its elements of contributing factors that eventually entice the geological impulses of human nature to the influences of persuasion by the environmental network of goal.

    Lewd conduct is a basis and result of entrapment and not the product of goal pertaining to the mission statement of adult novelty.

    The customer does not sponsor the contributing factors of cause, and the customer is only the result of invitation and that’s why the customer is not the instigator of nude conduct pertaining to the mental aspects and mission statement of the adult entertainment industry.

    Can you explain in your own words what you think the difference "business license liability" and "entrapment" is.

    Entrapment is not the boss of liability.

    Entrapment does not guarantee the progress of accountability, because receiving is not the boss of giving to afford any circumstance.

    The liability of "business license" is responsible for the input factors of and then the customer is eligible to be recipient to the output factors of business ethics.

    Nude conduct is appropriate to its facility of common place.

    "Common place" is defined by the mission statement of "product".

    Entrapment pursues the customer to falsify and disrupt the mission statement of common place.

    The act of entrapment is based on sexual domination in order to stockade and or blockade the monopoly of sexual bondage to install concentration camps of pilfer and siphon pertaining to political bribe.

    Entrapment is not the boss of sexuality, because rape is against the law, but sexuality is not the boss of gender either. No man or woman is obligated to sexual preference; because sexuality is not the origin or ignition of gender. The body got here before sex and not after.

    Which one has more ethics "entrapment" or "liability" ?

    What is the difference between "false incrimination" and the "victim"?

    What is the difference between the "business license' and the "customer".?

    What is the difference between "equal opportunity employment" and "blackball"?

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