Does Deflation Only Occur In Depressions.

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    The price of gas is down a tad, the price of real estate is down also, big time. When was the last time you compared your mortgage balance with a comparative real estate appraisal of your house's current worth? And so, apparently, is the price of lobster. The hoi polloi aren't eating as high off the hog as they used to, and there's a glut of those noble crustaceans. And Joe Biden just announced millionaires aren't even feeling the recession. Or maybe its a depression, this time. When was the last time this country suffered a depression? Oh, and we had a Socialist in charge, then, too. Whats the difference between the effect on this country of the "Fundamental Transformation Of America" and "I will not stop experimenting with the American economy until it recovers" FDR had to die first before it recovered.

    Forget hot dogs, glut means cheap lobster prices - Yahoo! Finance
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