Doc fix ain't going to happen--Sunday's TRICKERY at it's best:

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    Sunday's "trickery is the belief our moron representatives will be voting on the Senate's version of the bill--along with the DOC fix for passage. THEY ARE VOTING only on the Senate version of the health care bill--which will then be delivered to Obama who will sign the Senate version of this health care bill into law within 5 SECONDS--with NO CHANGES.

    Then he will imediately board Air Force 1 for Indonesia to get the hell out of Dodge--:clap2:

    The DOC fix would in reality--has to go back to the Senate for approval--& all of the little goodies--political pay-backs & promises would have to go through the scrutiny of the Senate & the Senate would then have to pass that admendment.

    Obama & Pelosi have been making a lot of promises & consessions to these on the Fence democrats--with them believing that no one is going to mess around with their DOC fix--:lol::lol:

    Be assured that all political favors will be pointed out by Republicans & the Senate democrats now under major scrutiny from the American public will not pass the DOC fix admendment.

    So--if your democrat representative TELLS you that he voted for the Senate version because "he thought" that the DOC fix was included in it--don't believe him/her--that knew dam well that the DOC would have to be approved as an admendment by the Senate.

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