Do you believe Romney is better fit for the country?

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    Have people looked at Romney's Massachusetts Record?

    Do you think so? If Yes then why? Have you looked at Romney's Massachusetts Record?

    There is a youtube video I was going post but im not allowed. There is a transcript below of the video. You can read.

    [Mitt Romney] We're going to have a stronger economy because I'm going to be Governor. I have experience in the private sector. I know how jobs are created and how jobs are lost. I'm going to work tirelessly as Governor to bring more good jobs to Massachusetts. I know how to solve a budget problem. I stand very clearly for lowering the taxes. Jobs and the economy is what I know. I spent my life in the private sector. I know why jobs come and why they go. My number one job will be to see that America, once again, is number one in job creation. I will finally get America on track to have a balanced budget. I will cut marginal taxes across the board. People want to know what I stand for? They can look at my record as Governor.

    [John Barrett] Mitt Romney was not an effective leader in Massachusetts, and the proof is in the pudding.

    [Jay Kaufman] I had worked only under Republican Governors, and I worked really well with allof the others. There was really not much working with Mitt Romney.

    [Rob Dolan] When Governor Romney became governor of Massachusetts, many of the issues that our country faces were at our doorstep. High debt, a need for jobs, the need to support a working middle class. There were great opportunities, and there was great hope that Governor Romney could deliver. He didn't deliver.

    [Mitt Romney] We need a jobs revolution. We need to have more jobs in Massachusetts.More good jobs. That's the key to our future.

    [Karen Spilka] There was that promise - a hope - that Romney would deliver with jobs. And grow the economy here in Massachusetts. And that did not materialize.

    [Jack Yunits] Massachusetts' growth stopped. Companies stopped coming. They knew jobs were not being created.

    [Jeffrey Sánchez] We knew that we were losing manufacturing jobs. And he never found any solutions to try and figure out: How do we keep them? By the time Mitt Romney left office, we were 47th in the nation in terms of job growth.

    [Rob Dolan] During Mitt Romney's tenure as Governor, wages dropped 5% his first two years, which really had a very negative effect throughout Massachusetts.

    [Mitt Romney] I will fight to keep our tax rate.. not going up, but to keep it where it is. And then bring it down by the end of my first term.

    [Jay Kaufman] What we heard from Mitt Romney during the campaign was the "No New Taxes" pledge. And he found, very quickly, once he was in office, that he couldn't deliver on any services without having sufficient resources. So he raised our taxes by raising our fees.

    [Rob Dolan] But a rose by any other name is absolutely still a rose. Fees are an increase out of the pockets of every Massachusetts resident - that's a tax. Let's call it what it is.

    [Carl Sciortino] Struggling working families - they were paying more under his administration, They were paying for marriage fees and burial fees.

    [John Barrett] Every fee that he put in place, or increased, impacted mainly the average, middle-income person.

    [Carl Sciortino] The only place that I remember Mitt Romney actually cutting taxes was for the 278 wealthiest families in our state.

    [Mitt Romney] I've indicated what my position is on how to balance the budget. And it's by cutting out waste and inefficiency, and taking advantage of great efficiencies that I think we can capture.

    [Jay Kaufman] Under the Romney Administration, we accumulated the greatest debt build-up of any state in the country. That's after a campaign promise to do exactly the opposite.

    [Carl Sciortino] He used the debt to pay for annual operations costs. That's like paying your rent on your credit card. And that was Mitt Romney's way of paying for the way we maintained our highways, for the way we cleaned our streets. It was a really flawed way of addressing basic operations - to go deeper and deeper into debt.

    [Rob Dolan] Governor Romney's plan for America right now Is the same plan that he sold to the people of Massachusetts in 2002. Less government, less debt, better business, and less taxes. The result? It was the opposite. More fees, less business, more debt, and bigger government here in Boston.

    [John Barrett] He just did not get the job done. He just didn't walk the talk.

    [Paul Sciortino] There are times when I watch Mitt Romney saying the exact same things now that he said here in Massachusetts in 2002 in a robotic way that is completely hollow. It didn't work here. So I'm not quite sure why he thinks it might work nationally.

    [John Barrett] Romney economics doesn't work. It didn't work in Massachusetts, and it's not going to work in Washington.

    So do you think he is?
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    Yes yes and hell yes>

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