Do the Math on Obama’s Failed Jobs bill vote

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    Numbers don't lie.

    There are one hundred Senators. Fifty-one Democrats, two Independents that caucus with Democrats and Forty-seven Republican Senators.

    Republican Tom Coburn did not vote on S6351 or the America Jobs Act. Therefore, in reality there were only 46 Republicans to vote on the president’s job bill last evening. At the very least, the president’s bill should have passed the Senate by a vote of 53-46 in a straight-line Party vote. This may come as a surprise but Democrats control the Senate. In spite of this, the media reported that the bill failed by a 49-50 vote. They are also reporting that Democrat Senate leader Harry Reid change his yea to a nay vote which resulted in a final tally of 48-51.

    That’s the math. In addition, and this is so wrong, headlines are reporting, “Republicans Block Jobs Bill” Read more...Creating Orwellian Worldview

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