DNC Reform Endorses McCain/Palin

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    DNCReform formally endorses John McCain for President of the United States and Sarah Palin for Vice President of the United States.
    Many of you are aware we (DNCRefom) chose not to jump on the John McCain bandwagon while genuine efforts were being made to see the actual Democratic Primary WINNER, Hillary Rodham Clinton, gain the nomination in Denver. Our efforts along with everyone else's were valiant but went ignored. We feel that the best presidential candidate to represent American is John McCain. We feel he will bring a much needed fiscal conservatism to Washington along with genuine change and reform to the status quo Washington politics. Sen. John McCain has always been a "maverick" and moderate politician, who is not afraid to challenge his party. Senator McCain is someone that voters can trust and respect. Governor Palin is also a "maverick" politician, who has stood up to her party, exposed and ended corruption and has exhibited fiscal responsibility, in her capacities as Governor of the Great State of Alaska, and former Mayor of Wasilla, AK. We feel that she will truly complement and enhance the administration of future President John McCain. There are currently no other candidates in the race that can measure up to Senator John McCain or Governor Sarah Palin.

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