DNC “Forward”…A Diversionary Tactic

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jackson, Sep 4, 2012.

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    DNC “Forward”…A Diversionary Tactic

    This was about the only Title the Conventions could use. They couldn’t use “Let’s Celebrate” Celebrate what? The last three years of the accomplishments of Obama? Hardly. We are deeper in debt with unemployment remaining over 8.2 % and the US is still without a budget and remains downgraded. They can’ look back on the past three years with pride.

    Will we hear of his promises of a new beginning? We heard that 4 years ago. More promises not to keep. The fine oratory will not get him where he wants us to go this time. Those who are not in his back pocket and look with a careful eye are looking for something more. A history of success. A proven leader. Something that qualifies this man to be the leader of the once strongest nation in the world.

    So, “Forward” is a diversionary tactic to take your eye of Obama’s record, But it just won’t work. The incumbent always runs on his record and we will not let this president run away from it. You own it, buddy.

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