Dirty Johnny's class participation

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    Ms. Lovelyhocks, the Middletown second grade teacher, began the day with a class participation exercise. She said "class, when I call on you, I'd like you to go to the board and write down your father's occupation and explain to the class what he does." Immediately Dirty Johnny threw up his hand and was waving it around like crazy. Lovelyhocks, knowing better, calls on little Suzie instead. Suzie goes to the board and writes F-I-R-E-M-A-N. "My dad is a fireman, and if we have a fire, he'll save us all!" "Very good" said Lovelyhocks. Several more students followed suit and the remaining numbers were dwindling. Again Dirty Johnny is raising his hand enthusiastically and again Lovelyhocks passes him over. "Leroy, she says, you seem pretty quiet, how about you?" Leroy reluctantly goes to the board and starts to write C-I, then he scribbles it out and writes S-Y, and scribbles it out again and scratches his head thinking some more. Finally, Lovelyhocks tells him to sit down and think about it and says she'll bring him back later. Now it's pretty much just Dirty Johnny left. So against her better judgement, she says "Ok, Johnny, just keep it clean please." Johnny goes to the board and writes B-O-O-K-I-E. "My dad is a bookie, and if he was here right now, he'd give us all 10-1 odds that that macaca ain't never gonna spell psychiatrist right!!

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