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Discussion in 'Politics' started by fuzzykitten99, Oct 17, 2006.

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    You'll have to check the Marauder's Map...


    The part about this story that I do not like, is the fact that the liberal paper the Star Tribune, placed it at the WAY BOTTOM of its' website while the TOP STORY is about a complaint that Michelle Bachmann, her opponent, has been endorsed by a Brooklyn Park (suburb of Mpls) pastor. I had to really look for the Wetterling story.

    The biggest problem I have with Wetterling is that she has no experience in politics and government. She's never even sat on her city's council or any type of elected office. You know what she's running on? Her name. The fact that her son was abducted and never found several years ago, seems to be something the liberals here think can protect her from criticism and questioning. They also think it gives her some sort of knowledge on how to do the job she's running for. 2 years ago, she ran against (and lost miserably) Mark Kennedy. I even told her off at the big Halloween parade her saying that she was pathetic for showing up and campaigning at a recreational event and pretty much ruining the fun with her despiration. I told her that she didn't give a rat's ass about my town, other than trying to get people's votes. I told her I doubt she ever set foot here, and to take advantage of the presence of the number of people that show up here to have fun, and try to solicit their vote and take away from the main attraction, says a lot about her character.

    Granted, I wouldn't wish her misfortune of what happened to her years ago with her child on any other person, but I don't think it makes up for Michelle's experience and consistent record.

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