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    The other evening I was showing photographs to a few friends on the TV from my portable PC, it soon dawned on me I have more photos of our grandchildren than I have of our own children even though I would rise at four AM on Saturdays, and develop photos the old fashioned way. Remember Slides, beautiful color, scenes that jumped out at you, often boring vacation pictures, but somehow real. Now the world is full of digits. I still have my albums but since entering the digital world I understand the author's point of view below. Before entering the digital world I would warn others of PC crashes, of technology change, of misplaced CDs or Dvds, I had thick albums to peruse, you should do the same. Now 'layers' in Photoshop - among too too many other options - occupy my mind and pictures multiply like rabbits.

    'Many More Images, Much Less Meaning'

    "The loss of my father and the resulting disorientation made me crave paper photos in a way I hadn’t in years, especially ones of him before Parkinson’s disease stole his last facial expression. They were no substitute for the man, but at least they could be touched and held — and beheld — unlike my father, who was now unreachable and unable to be seen."

    "In my view you cannot claim to have seen something until you have photographed it." Emile Zola
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    We're fortunate in that my dad was a bit of a shutterbug since the 40's during his WWII service, through the year he died in 1967. I think we've got every print and color slide. Not massive volumes, but like you say- meaningful. Lots of photos from mom's family too.

    Thank goodness our photographer brother took the time to put the prints in archival-quality albums, and the slides in a safe and secure climate. :thup:

    Digital- it can be your friend, it can be your enemy. Much more challenging to tag and organize and store safely but it's so damned easy to press a button and have instant access.
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