Deportation is a privilege, not a punishment

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    For children of Illegal Aliens.

    Deportation is not a punishment for children of Illegal Aliens when the are deported with their parents. Returning children to the home, culture and language they have never know does not criminalize them. Those children are no different from children who go with their military parents when they are stationed in a foreign country. It is even less or a culture shock because American children are going to a country where they do not know the culture and the language. Latino children do know the culture and the language of their parent’s country. Going to a foreign country is a valuable experience and a privilege for both children of military parents and children of Illegal Aliens.
    I cannot go home because my home in Eloy, Arizona, Pinal County USA is too dangerous because of Illegal Aliens and crime related to drugs. Illegal Aliens and drugs has destroyed the home which many books has been written about. Obama can go home and take his girls and sleep in his bed but I cannot take my grand children to Eloy, Ariz. Obama, what makes you different from those that came before you?
    History and information about Eloy, Arizona

    It is a tragedy that the children of Illegal Aliens don’t know where they came from and almost forced to remain here away from grand parents they do not know and anchor babies have never know. Kind of like when Native American children were removed from their homes, parents, culture and language which destroyed a generations of Native Americans. If we do not correct our mistakes we are bound to repeat them. Some day children of Illegal Aliens will hate us for not deporting them.
    In some countries “trespassers” are shot.

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