Das Doom Coffin! Your Federal Tax Dollars At Work (Not!)

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    U. S. National schooling, aside, apparently starting (not) this fall, in so many subject areas, for so many in the trade, or profession, or second oldest profession--or however teaching is described: No one should forget about The Commentators!

    So if the Total Credit Market--not just the federal, state, and local deficit stuff--Is a big box with the income scale the left side, the fixed percentage pay raise the left-right diagonal from the lower corner to the upper right, and the "preservative" kids of credit filling up the other side of the diagonal: Then just how much Total Credit Market Debt is there?

    For that anyone goes outside the box, or into the U. S. Federal Reserve data, to try to make an estimate. If the box has four quadrants, then anyone has to be looking at the fifth, six, seventh and so-on quadrants to estimate Total Net Debt. Personal Income is about $12.0 tril. The box then has about $24.0 tril., And then there is the fifth quadrant adding about $6.0 tril. of inflationary credit. There is no personal income paying that off, so there is a sixth quadrant trying pay that of, using only another $6.0 tril.

    So just what is a quadrant to do, anymore? So there is probably another one, on the way! In other words, there is easily more than $40.0 U. S. Total Net Debt--with not much in the way of personal income to pay it off.

    And this is not really tax money!

    Robert Freeman: Bush's Tax Cuts: a Form of National Insanity

    Others have noticed that the Bush Administration Tax Cuts were virtually worthless, and even cost a lot of money. Even Vice President Biden, as a Senator, noticed that the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq Procurements Money: Had virtually no connection with the military requirements in the field. The Occupation forces were essentially set to scavenging.

    In the legacy of federal give-aways, then the Champions are the Republican Conservatives. The time-frame in the attachment is all theirs. The Invasion and Occupation of Afghanistan was even all of their own making, and ignored.

    After the fifth quadrant, then the Total Credit Market can be said in collapse, and the economy it supports, or that created it: Is in The Collapse right along with it.

    What does any notice about the $4.0 tril. bail-out credit so far? Personal Income was slight above $12.0 tril. when it started, and is slightly below that level now.

    These are not federal tax dollars at work!

    Mortgage Brokers and College Professors, seem to understand this best. They know that qualified borrowers: Are really on the dole, and so they give them money. The teachers clearly know how they got reich, or rich, or however that is said.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (The American West Wing is alleged to originate from Hawaii, we are told--Famous for the quaint dance festivals, and the the "coverings" made of flowers, as Her Majesty's Home Office would likely explain them! Soon, maybe we will see this, and post Her Majesty's, Prime Minister's address at the Great Meeting in Davos, about Re-Paying Credit?!?)
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