Dare We Say It(?)! "The Natives Are Restless!"

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    More likely there are commentators who will follow the certain Presbyterian take on the matter, adopt the French phrasing, and call it "Laizzez Faire!"

    Mainly, in America, people actually bought things, and seem scheduled to buy even more.

    Clever, how they do that, but on the one hand the West Wing seems inclined to remind people that the financial community cannot go back to what it was doing when Reagan Trajectory II was in office--not that it so-states. Then, the other hand, we have Her Majesty's government on board with a reminder about the responsible use of credit--before the assembled subjects, and former subjects, and. . . . .well, to boot.

    Actually, US Tax Code, commencing 1986--has a kind of "reform" of it all in statute. West Wing has a kind of equal amount refundable tax credit now in place--so that now those thrown off the tax rolls from the 1986 reform, can become participants in government stimulus by applying for a check instead. Bush II, Term I (of Reagan Trajectory II)--tried stimulus with tax cuts, but likely spenders got nothing, since they owed no federal income taxes at any rate.

    There is a kind of National COLA--strewn about various statutes and contracts--that tends to raise incomes a fixed percentage. The Indexed Personal Exemptions, and Standard Deduction--in the 1986 Tax Reform offer a similar kind of chump change response as the $400 refundable credit. The idea is to apply an equal amount COLA, using an indexed flat amount: At the payroll source.

    The older standard, of early middle 20th Century, was one cent per hour for every three tenths of a point rise in the Consumer Price Index. Labor Department also computes various "Living Budgets:" So that equal amount standards are widespread available.

    And so again we are confronted with matters that cannot be at all discussed in public!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (First the West Wing's new garden to tend, and so next they try to turn all the sheets from hoods. into West Wing window coverings(?)! At some point, the heavens send a "foreclosure" sign?)
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