Curiosity Visits War God Mars--Highlights Aburdity Of Reagan's Federal Trajectory!

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    So High Tech JPL will now be sending back photos of Martian Microbes, LOL at U. S. Defense Trajectories: Commencing with Reaganomics.

    Despite Vice President Cheney to the contrary: Federal Deficits matter a great deal to the already prosperous, and well-educated, engineering-high-tech-military-industrial complex people(?)! Many might say they are way too complex. Many, Many more should really be saying that they are really Gah-Stoopid Schwine--Needing real baths, too boot.

    Mars rover Curiosity lands on the Red Planet

    They are good wif ze rockets, these Gah-Stoopid Schwine! They can even make planes that are midgets(?), pointing out targets overseas--that look really little from up there--and even blow them up! Holy Microbes of Mars! The war machines no longer need any humans in theater(?)! (Hollywood has known, this, admittedly: For a long time!) In effect, John Wayne does not go there, (even now)!

    Ronald Reagan took what deficit there was, of course, and actually made war machines out of it all. Bush I tried them out. They worked. The war turned out to be very, way too short, and mostly not big enough to make an economic difference in that administration. Clinton won and actually did Christian things, instead.

    Bush Cheney took what deficit there was, of course, and spent not even near enough to buy body armor for the troops. High-Tech was in-vougue even in the Bush-Cheney, Terms I and II. Likely RNC would look back on Desert Storm and conclude that at least there remains one black in America: Who will never be President of the United States. That would be General Colin Powell, who got the job done, and in record-time. As RNC might put it, "General Powell finally shows the entirely everyone just how stupid. . . . .well(?)!

    Pundits will note that Actually JFK, of the Ivy League, created NASA spending. Pundits might further want to point out that Barry O appears to have similarly, bought into the high-tech, federal contracting concept of deficit spending. Just somehow. . . .a "stimulation" project was funded. . .to roof some crappers in a meadow near Mammoth Lakes, CA. And so in Washington, D. C., "high-tech:" The Great Work Was Done! A tech-level, cerebral, federal contractor: Got another grant, or contract.

    High-Tech funding was everywhere abundant(?), but Only Vice President Biden actually got the concept right. In oppositon, and contradiction, to Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, Cheney I, Mitt-Bain-Romney Capital, et. al.: "Shovel Ready" jobs, doing giant public infrastructure projects, is what the deficits were supposed to be doing.

    The federal deficits have not done that since Reagan, with a brief respite when the Clintons ran it all. The GOP sends deficit spending to the Already prosperous, and mostly high-tech, war-machines makers.

    Showing how that works: Anyone in the U. S. now goes on to university, to study hard to be able to qualify for federal support, into eternity! The people digging foxholes were not even relevant in either Afghanistan, or In Iraq. "Reagan Trajectory," entrepreneurship, is not just about the bootlegged booze, anymore!

    The Ivy League has long since learned about what your federal deficit dollars actually do! Funding is for high-tech, only: Privileged persons work.

    And so there is even now, "Curiosity," finally: Landing on Mars.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many come back from JPL Olympiad: Adorned with Rotten eggs, spoiled tomatoes, and a lot of raspberry: If truth were really being served!)
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