Could Drug Cartels Actually Be Preventing More Illegals From Sneaking Into The US?

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    Mexico's train of death
    Hundreds of migrants, en route to US via Mexico, die at mercy of human smugglers and drug cartels

    Many migrants from Central America board the train in the hope of a new life in the US, but hundreds of them never make it through the treacherous trek in Mexico.

    In the most recent case, a group of at least 40 passengers were tied up and they "disappeared".

    Central American authorities have long urged Mexico to ramp up security along these human smuggling routes.

    Now Honduras, Guatemala and el Salvador are demanding that Mexican authorities investigate last week's abductions.

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    Let's face it. Every illegal that doesn't make it into the US, saves Americans from getting closer to the poverty that Mexicans create to destroy the American way of life.

    Evil Mexico and its population is the greatest threat to the United States of America today and will be a threat to the rest of the civilized world tomorrow.

    Any means used to destroy those who threaten the security of the American people should be considered.

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