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    There are arguably multiple kinds of 'criminals' and hence multiple 'profiles' for criminologists and criminal psychologists to evaluate.

    Such evaluations are crucial for the analytical analysis of crime patterns in traffic-congested areas such as NYC and Tokyo where the sheer flow of people can really conceal criminal intentions until it is too late to prevent crime.

    1. shoplifter/pickpocket
    2. home-invader/burglar
    3. fanatic-terrorist
    4. serial killer
    5. genocidal leader
    6. rapist/pedophile
    7. necrophiliac
    8. wartime criminal (e.g., torture)
    9. theme-killer (e.g., Jack the Ripper, Boston Strangler, etc.).
    10. cop killer

    These 'categories' are obviously not set-in-stone or definitive, but this list is meant to give us a clearer picture of what occurs inside the psychologists and psycho-sociologist's 'lab' during the analysis of crime profiling.

    I'm drawing special attention to the last 'title' on the list ---- Cop Killer.

    There's an anti-society sardonic American 'gangsta-rap' song titled "Cop-Killer" (Ice-T), in which the suggestive lyrics are meant specifically to tend to the rageful human instinct to literally usurp 'civilization codes' --- i.e., "What'dya wanna be when you grow up???...COP-KILLER!!!"

    While American horror films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre treat the human mind's fascination with graphic 'forms' of anti-social rageful violence and mayhem, they simply present images/stories about 'meaningless violence' or 'irrational crime.'

    A cop-killer is someone who intends to create panic or unrest by targeting cops or officers of the law. Such criminals may be mission-geared terrorists who have 'gone rogue' from their politically-conscious representative 'associations' (e.g., IRA) or anti-social maniacs who want to deliver home the message the officials of the law and law enforcement agents are simply worthless or useless.

    A cop-killer may therefore be 'philosophical' or simply insane/maniacal/anti-social.

    To understand the motivation to target cops, we could try to assess the sociological trends that give rise to anti-civilization sentiments geared towards the rejection of 'civics congestion.'

    This would facilitate the analysis of crime patterns associated with 'media problems' such as controversial crime/violence-glorification films (e.g., Natural Born Killers, Fight Club, etc.) which themselves have been suggested as catalytic of 'copycat crimes.'

    All of this can be achieved with better 'dereliction storytelling.'


    COP: Are you 'anti-American'?
    LEATHERFACE: Kill cops!!!
    COP: Are you scared of the law?
    LEATHERFACE: Hate cops!!!
    COP: Was your father (abusive?) a cop?
    LEATHERFACE: No law!!!
    COP: You must be some kind of Halloween freak.
    LEATHERFACE: Movies!!!
    COP: I like movies, but you're a maniac.
    LEATHERFACE: Chainsaw!!!
    COP: Cops defend every human being.
    LEATHERFACE: Lies!!!



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