Convicts Do Jobs That Americans Can't Have For Themselves!

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    The U.S. Labor Department will be issuing annual revisions to the reporting February 5. The famous under-count of jobs lost exceeds 800,000.

    Convict Labor is not included, and as is usual: The unions are opposed to it, though apparently investors are not(?)!

    Prison labor on the rise in US

    The "Reagan Trajectory" original left its mark with a Bush I recession, an increase of minority group gang membership, and an increase of convict labor. The "Reagan Trajectory Worse,' of Bush II, Terms I and II, leaves the United States even more corrupt than China: In the use of convict labor. Slavery was not entirely at all abolished in GOP-inspired Amendment XIII.

    The Beijing Chinese, coincidentally, buy the deficit securities: Legally.

    Now there is, "Reagan Even Worse:" In Obama Term I. "Reagan Worse" was mainly about the creation of a lack of affordable housing, and the financing for same. "Reagan Worse," was also famous for creating the slaughter of U. S. troops basis-free: In Iraq and in Afghanistan.

    "Reagan Even Worse" now has black teen unemployment rates, back to Reagan Original, and a stubborn recession awaiting a (Clinton Administration?) recovery. There is also this problem to contend with. How much of the federal procurement "largesse"--is actually going to convict labor instead? How should the Socialist Chinese feel about this?

    Soon, what America needs now: Will probably be debtors prisons, and possibly not in Illinois: But in one or another of the provinces in China, after all! Socialists know a thing or too about camp. Debt collection is easily high on the new list!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (International Decorum will bring this about by treaties with Washington, D. C, as is usual in these matters!)
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