Consumers create jobs

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    Not tax cuts.

    Starbucks, Budweiser and Wal-Mart is still in business because people drink coffee, beer and eat even when they are unemployed.
    Small business cannot create jobs if there are not consumers. No matter if they paid any taxes at all. Because supply and demand controls their hiring.
    Obama is the only one that can create jobs that will stimulate small businesses to hire and thus create the “domino effect” of supply and demand.
    Obama’s stimulus saved jobs and created jobs that prevented a recession from becoming a recession. But he did not realize how big the recession was and the stimulus should have been bigger and another stimulus is needed and that means Obama needs money and lots of it. Stimulus is like a loan and will be repaid when jobs are created. But the Congress that want Obama to fail will not give him the money because they hate Obama more then they love Americans. But jut watch. If a Republican win in 2012, Congress will give him all the money he needs to create jobs and they will get the credit.
    Jobs will cerate consumers, consumers will purchase products and services thus creating demand for supplies and create more hiring and more tax revenue that will repay the stimulus.
    Small business can only afford to hire if there are already consumers. Small business stop hiring because there are no consumers and not because of tax breaks. How much of a tax break will they need to create one job? Not enough. They will have to be given money to create jobs and not tax cuts and where is that money coming from? If tax cuts created jobs, we would not have unemployment rate at 9.1%.
    Obama’s stimulus is still working. If it wasn’t we would be in a depression.
    The recession may recover on it own but we cannot wait that long.

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