Consensus On How To Fix The Economy (the smirking chimp)

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    by Dave Johnson | March 19, 2012 - 10:05am

    “There was clearly something wrong with the U.S. economy long before the crash.”


    Consensus. Again and again, people who examine what went wrong with our economy leading up to the great recession come to the same conclusions! Study after study, book after book, statement after statement, op-ed after op-ed, organization after organization, expert after expert, all weighing in, all coming to the same conclusions. One after another voices speak up (click through for just a sampling), voicing their understanding of what happened to the economy, what caused the crash and what we have to do to fix things. One after another they voice the same conclusions: our economy was damaged by,

    tax cuts for the rich combined with huge military budget increases (and wars) that led to budget deficits and increased inequality;
    trade deals that damaged vital industries and led to trade deficits, layoffs and wage cuts;
    deregulation of rules that protected working people, unions, vital economic sectors and the commons of public wealth;
    and cuts in crucial areas of investment in our people and our economic future, including education & job training, infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, transportation and R&D into new technologies.

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