Congress set stage for big lie

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saveliberty, Oct 25, 2009.

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    How do you get Obamacare to be less than $900b.? Simple, just let the CBO say it will come under that number because you shifted $270b. in Medicare payments to doctors under a different bill. That is right folks, this thing is $1,071b. plus.

    The next lie is a trigger based public opinion. Force cost increases of covering high risk consumers and various taxes on the industry, then look shocked when they can't cost contain.

    Then a number was quote that said Medicare uses only 4% of its cost to adminster. Either they define adminster different than I would or they cost shift a great deal.

    The smartest way to have a puiblic opinion, if there is such a thing, was proposed by a REPUBLICAN. He said let the individual states create their own programs. Fifty experiments seeking the best way and tailored to each states needs.

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