Congratulations BLACK people! welcome to the real world

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    Finally the day as come huh? you must be so excited to be free at last. People, and all people(black or white) listen. It's 2008. There are no more issues that we need to hack out. The country is as divided as any other country in the world.

    The past is the past!

    Untill Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton get blindsided black people will never be truly free. They must cause chaos any time a black person gets rejected for a job, gets told to **** off. ''Well it must happen because were black'' that shi* has to end.

    And maybe it will end with a half white, half black man as presidente. I mean you know the following will happen in the next 4 years!!! and I can't wait for whom the black people will blame next.

    -Another Hurricane hits New Orleans and thousands of black people are left stranded. What happens? they are left to die, nobody to help them in need. Will they blame the democrats and their leader?

    NOPE! not anymore.

    -A black woman goes for a job interview, and gets turned down. ''it's not because i'm black now, it's because i'm a woman''
    Hilary Clinton will be our next presidente!

    The black athletes are whining no black coaches in pro sports. Will they complain? or is it Obamas fault?
    no it must be societies fault for not giving Obama a chance to make change! oh that will be laughing day in He// Just like I blame black people for not having a white 100M olympic winner or a white michael jordan, or a white tiger woods. GET REAL HUH?

    Black people need to wake up, and I know not all black people are this stupid and arrogant but many are.

    Like Oprah is the dumbest black woman of all. She thinks her soul duty on this earth is to give back to black people! GET A LIFE OPRAH. your puting to much make up on now anways.

    Or the black young ones crying to see a black presidente finally elected. Like they know anything about the 1920's. They've been told BS crap from their parents and grandparents that it's hard to make it in our own country cause were black.

    Or maybe it's because they commit crimes, don't go to school, ARE LAZY MINDED, oooh ARE RACIST themselves and become bitter, and aren't smart enough to get out of the so called projects.

    yes because only black people live in the projects right?

    So to end. Yes, we have our first half white/black leader. He will make the same mistakes as any other leader, and will be viewed as a dummy in no time just like we all view Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr, and on and on

    And the blacks will finally realize to stop blaming the past for their problems and wake up and realize THEY WERE RIGHT. IT'S NOT THE COLOR OF SKIN THAT MATTERS!
    or the color of the leader in their own country.

    Who is next Latinas? Itallians? Chinese? French? Maybe that's a sign that something is different with their background and how they are brought up? hmmmmm interesting


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