Condo owners in Panama tell Trump: You're fired! - for dummies

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    Oct 11, 2015 - Condo owners in Panama tell Trump: You're fired!
    The directors of the Trump Ocean Club met July 28 on urgent business. They needed to fire Donald Trump.
    The building's residents and condo owners had invested in the namesake, a 70-story waterfront tower along Panama Bay, on the strength of Trump's reputation. But during the four years that Trump Panama Condominium Management LLC had managed the property, Central America's largest building, a team installed by the Trump family was accused of running up more than $2 million in unauthorized debts, paying its executives undisclosed bonuses and withholding basic financial information from owners.
    The Trumps had done all of this through fine-print chicanery, the board said. A clause in many residents' purchase agreements prevented them from voting against the Trump company's wishes. That allowed the Trumps to install their top employee as chairman and the residents' representative on the board — even though the Trumps' actual stake in the building's residential area was merely a storage closet on the 15th floor.
    The Trump Organization sent its response days later. "Your letter is a complete sham," wrote the Trumps' top lawyer, Alan Garten. He accused the board of ingratitude and criminal trespassing. After refusing to accept being fired, Garten declared that Trump's company was quitting — and demanded a $5 million termination fee.
    Condo owners in Panama tell Trump: You're fired!

    The big picture: Billionaires to homeless in headlines: ALL actors.
    These fake billionairres can't decide on selling, buying or how to manage any of "their" assets, because it's all owned by the illuminati secret society.
    That's one of the reasons why the role Trump was named after Tramp.
    Donald Trump, same as all other billionaires fed to the human cattle, doesn't own any of the jewels of "his" empire.

    "Condo owners in Panama tell Trump: You're fired!" - for dummies
    EVERYTHNG in these "news" was aready scripted when actor "Donald Trump" was casted in this episode.
    This doesn't mean that every condo owner mentioned in the story is an actor.
    In fact the script is also used to fulfill the illuminati commandment of truth in plain sight:
    tell how the illuminati secret society, the real owner of almost all major skyscrapers in the world, uses legal traps to enslave condo owners, using the laws it also passed,.

    "Panama's Trump Ocean Club, Central America's largest building"- for dummies
    The script ends with "You're fired!" as part of Trumps's ongoing suicide bomber role as presidential candidate.
    The article includes the baseline used to write the script:
    "Whether wheeling and dealing with Wall Street bankers, debating political rivals or running a condo association, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has advanced his interests by leveraging his outsized reputation, canniness and aggression.
    The Trump Organization's adventures in Panama provide a window into how these traits have filtered into his business empire — and the style of management that could be expected in a Trump White House. Transparency and close attention to expenses are not strengths. Squeezing the most from contractual language is

    All billionaires fed to the human cattle are nothing but actors,
    Reduction of computer geek "Billionaire" Bill Gates to actor Mark Zuckerberg
    Reductionism in End Times - KEY to conspiracies. In fact nothing escapes its Laws.: Reduction of computer geek Bill Gates to actor Mark Zuckerberg

    Now that you've got the big picture, time to get into details that matter:
    Trump's empire based on casinos - what is special about this Illuminati joke
    Illuminati Media: Suicide causes why you never heard about the one reason for 1 out of 3 - Totally rigged state sponsored GAMBLING

    Roles of the fake identity Trump include
    - entertain and mock the human cattle,
    - pave the way for the agenda "detonation of suicide bomber Obama" befoe the staged arrest of Obama Bi(nla)den.
    - pave the way for the agenda "manhunt of non-whites"
    - detonate as suicide bomber in the 2016 "presidential election", part of the agenda "Bush Clinton's head to head race".
    As always it's also meant to discredit agendas where Trump also has the suicide bomber role, from anti-"gun control" to anti-"gay marriage".
    The Last Antichrist: Napoleon, Hitler, BushClinton since 1992: USA since 2008 What REALLY happened - read it again days after Obama will be arrested, 2015.

    Good Economics: Trump fired by Condo owners Panama
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    The extreme mockery BushClinton "running" for the 7th consecutive mandate (1992 to 2016), served as " Bush vs Hillary Clinton, the next head to head race":
    it had to be cancelled because such "races" can't be staged when rally attendances struggle to break out of double digits.

    Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Apr 2016
    The day of Hillary's father anniversary: UNFOLDING EXTREME MOCKERY: Hillary votes counted 100 times each in NY
    There was a time (long ago) when people knew what legit election results meant: paper ballots, votes counted at each ballot box by representatives of each party, results of each ballot box published immediately after on the same spot.

    Nov 23, 2016
    UNFOLDING EXTREME MOCKERY according to the script exposed worldwide only by Last Prophet
    The ballot boxes closed Nov 7, weeks after they opened, an EXTREME MOCKERY of german illuminazis about US citizens reduced to beasts.
    2 weeks later this extreme mockery continues, this time as "votes continue to be counted".
    We are now 2.4 millon votes away from the end, 66.6, as exposed Apr 20, 2016, the day of Hillary's father anniversary and "coincidentally" a milestone in Endless Deception.
    No, I don't mean Prince's "death", although the agendas of that fake death were more important than for the previous major episode of the series, David Bowie.

    Obama's term extended or Hillary proclaimed winner before Trump inaugurated: ANSWER:
    Hillary will be proclaimed the successor of GW Bush, the real 44th president but she will NEVER be normally inaugurated-
    Reason; to avoid having around 1,000 instead of nearly 1,000,000 (as for Obama 2009) in Washington DC to attend it.
    In other words: Obama and Trump will be stripped of whatever titles they have.
    That leaves only two possiblities, and it all depends on Aleppo:
    1. Obama's term extended
    2. Trump inaugurated.

    Why most probably "ISIS will attack Washington D.C" hours before the inauguration
    The script "Trump backtracks on everything except for the terror and genocide agenda" (resumed to two words: Wall and Registry) started the day after he became "president-elect".
    This creates an audience problem also for the inauguration of the role formerly known as "anti-establishment billionaire" and subliminally as "the king of bankruptcy".

    Nov 30, 2016 - Last line's last words: illuminati revisit human cattle's "brains" with this surrealistic artwork: "Trump names king of bankruptcy to commerce secretary".

    Nov 23 - While the nation’s attention has already shifted to Donald Trump’s moves as president-elect, his share of the total vote continues to decrease.
    Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead surpassed 2 million ? or about 1.5 percent of the overall vote ? on Wednesday morning, with 64,225,863 ballots now counted in her favor,
    There are still a few million ballots left to count, and they’re expected to be disproportionately for Clinton.
    Clinton Now Leads Trump By More Than 2 Million Ballots In Popular Vote | The Huffington Post

    NOV 30, 2016 - Wilbur Ross, considered “king of bankruptcy,” named commerce secretary
    Ross, who has a $100 million art collection, will be in charge representing U.S. businesses
    Wilbur Ross, the billionaire investor considered the “king of bankruptcy” for buying beaten-down companies with the potential to deliver profits
    He maintains an art collection worth more than $100 million that includes works by the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte
    Wilbur Ross, considered “king of bankruptcy,” named commerce secretary

    Last Prophet's words the day of Hillary's father anniversary

    Apr 20, 2016
    Computing votes: Contrast Hillary 2016 with McCain 2008 and Romney 2012
    McCain 2009 and Romney 2012 had their votes multiplied each time by more or less 10 times.
    For Hitlery 2016 the script is reversed. No, I don't mean "Hillary wins".
    The original script ALSO had Romney and McCain as winners but, unlike Hillary, only to be stripped of their titles after completing the mission of disarming the citizens.
    The script was modified to have "president Obama" first time in October 2008 and again November 2012, at the very last minute, in fact "as votes were being counted".
    What I do mean: this time Hitlery''s official votes won't be computed by applying a multiplier to the real votes. They are already in script: 66.6 million votes.
    Illuminati Milestones: Rigged elections Hillary Clinton multiplier 100 in New York primaries
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