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    Bureau of Labor Statistics does lots of computing. They generally don't report civil service computing: Which tends to raise their pay a fixed percentage, usually on an annual basis. They of course do their own computing. They just don't report it. That is called, "Transparency in Merit Civil Service In America!" State and local governments, and public and private schools: Are "transparent" in the same manner.

    The March unemployment report, as usual, is two sets of data. The establishment survey is generally regarded biased to reflect large and entrenched payrolls, and there are a lot of them. That survey had been expected to show 200,000 or more new payroll jobs. The other survey, the household survey, is actually showing employment increases exceeding that level since December. That's and even bigger friggin' deal than national health insurance. National health insurance mostly affords the opportunity to generate a greater socialist, centralized, planning in only about one-sixth of the total U. S. economy.

    Rich people, then anyone notices, do need to be regulated. Anyone notices in what sector they tend to do their professional "services" for money. The medical professional services know a thing or two about payroll raises and computing!

    But that digresses. What seems to generate the anger among the Tea Policy GOP is in fact the "Reagan Trajectory," of federal deficits for the rich and bureaucratic. The "Reagan Trajectory" is somethng they like to think they know about. Black teenage unemployment, for example, is at about the same level now as it was as consequence of the intended, "Reagan Trajectory." With Obama in office, it happened again. Others do suggest that Obama is really not like Reagan, at all! Near riots seem to happen, in recent months.

    But in the household survey, the increase of a whole boatload of employment also happened, just in the last four months alone!

    Employment Situation Summary Table A. Household data, seasonally adjusted

    The survey seems to show December employment at 137,792,000, and March employment at 138,905,000. Anyone would say that was 1,113,000 new jobs.

    And so characteristically, the Ivy League rulers of the nation: Do not say that 1,113,000 new jobs have been created in four months: Especially in any public analyses in any medium whatsoever. Not even Nancy Reagan's astrologers seem to want to discuss this. Nancy knows about the discussions with any medium, whatsoever(?). More recently, the far more rational(?) War Criminals, Cheney-Rove-Bush-Rumsfeld probably think that the 1,113,000 figure is mainly the count of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. even now in Iraq! We therefore have to invade the Falkland Islands, with support from our good friends, the Engllish, or at least: The One of them.

    And so what does anyone conclude about the jobless recovery?

    Here we have the Ivy League rulers at their best. There is nothing in the recovery to even report, at all!

    Arithmetic seems to do that to people, somehow!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse! Clearly the Government is of the law!)
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