Comparing Market UnFriendly Bain Capital With Market Friendly Liberal Entrepreneurs!

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    What was Bain Capital Really About, Now everyone asks(?). . .Unless they don't. Bain took Capital that they Hast, and sent it to rich, publically traded companies. With even more Hast available--as Religious Conservatives Understand it--They kept that too: Amongst Themselves!

    Bain Capital in no manner could be described market friendly. Countywide Financial, former execs, might disagree. The RNC / Romney venture capital model is take what thou hast, and spread it around among the rich. Countywide Financial went the step further. They took what they really Hast Not, and spread that around among the rich.

    Romney-Nomics is that nature of risky, to functioning economies!

    Homeboy Industries is entrepreneurial, gang intervention--Not at all associated with the "Reagan Trajectory!" See Romney-Nomics, or Countrywide Financial, for what the "Reagan Trajectory" set up. In contrast anyone can see this below:

    Homeboy Industries :: What We Do

    The Catholic Church of history, even, was not about, "Let Them Die" kinds of public works. The Great Public Buildings were market friendly, over the years it took to create them. The U. S. Catholic Bishops tend more to the market friendly, "Jobs Not Jails." kind of approach that Mayor Villagairosa, City of Los Angeles, can use to compare and contrast with the agenda: At RNC. He will do that at DNC. RNC instead favors the "austerity" agenda of hoarding among the rich, leaving virtually every other child behind, and even dead in the streets!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Many young braves go on warpath. Bring back "honey-bunch(?)," to make papoose. . .in peace(?)! Hmmmm! Many in Writers Guild, Know about Snappy New Non-Negro Dialect!)
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    Conservative part of the Northwest
    Really? :rolleyes:

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