Comp. Immg. Reform; a Bucket That Will Not Hold Water

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    Comp. Immg. Reform; a Bucket That Will Not Hold Water

    Amnesty is not fair and right. Obama claim it’s only fair and right to legalize those already here illegally no matter how long they have been here. But it’s not fair and right to those who have been waiting for years to immigrate legally to put those who broke every immigration law we have in front of them. Punish those here illegally with deportation and reward those who have been waiting legally with immigration papers and green cards. That is the fair and right thing to do. The “end of the line” is in Mexico where it begins. If you are already here working and raising a family, you are already in front of the line and citizenship does not matter to most of them any way.
    Punishing those that hire them illegally and not punishing those are working legally is like trying to fill a bucket with water that has holes in it. Our immigration enforcement system has holes in it. Comp. Immg. Reform has holes in it. The 1986 amnesty had hole in it.

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