Colorado goes rogue--picking underdogs--and kicking incumbant Sen. Benett to the curb

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    The Colorado Republican and Democrat conventions were held over this weekend. What upsets abound.

    Republican McGinnis was suppousedly a shoe-in and the convention picked Dan Maes to run for Govenor. Jane Norton former Lt. Govenor of Colo. lost badly to Ken Buck for the senate spot. Both of these winners "did not" have the heavy weight backing of the RNC--nor the amount of money that their opponents had. In Fact, all the polsters, and news media didn't even pay any attention to these candidates.

    When new convention members were asked to stand up at least 40% of the crowd were first time delegates--and out of those--they were tea party members.

    Go Tea Party--you rock!

    Maes, Buck earn top spots on Republicans' primary ballots - The Denver Post

    On the Democrat side:

    Incumbant senator Michael Bennet lost to Romanoff. BTW--another loss for Barack Obama because he came out here recently to support Bennet.

    Romanoff tops Bennet at Democrats' assembly - The Denver Post
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