Clinton strategy: "Biggest blunder I've seen"

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    Clintons’ ‘top-down’ era over

    Democratic strategist Joe Trippi said Wednesday that Hillary Clinton has assembled the best “top-down” campaign – defined by big money and party insiders -- in history, and that she and her husband are the best top-down campaigners the Democratic party has ever seen.

    “What is competing with them,” he added, “is the second ‘bottom-up’ campaign in history.” He was referring to Barack Obama’s grassroots efforts, following on the heels of Howard Dean's 2004 effort, which Trippi himself managed.

    “Running it all top down is the biggest campaign blunder I’ve ever seen,” said Trippi, who looked like he had a fresh tan now that his most recent boss, John Edwards, has dropped out of the race.

    He said the dynamic will further play out in the battle for the loyalty of superdelegates to the Democratic National Convention. On the one side, Obama loyalists will be calling their representatives with populist appeals. On the other is “the phone call from Bill Clinton.”

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