Clearing up misconceptions about Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Perry2016, Sep 2, 2010.

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    The night is darkest just before the dawn.

    While there have been and certainly are dark days upon us, I promise that the dawn is coming. It will take time. It is unfair to expect our President to be able to fix everything that has gone wrong in the past 8 years and beyond in a little under two years. I wonder how many of you who offer up this criticism can actually offer a meaningful alternative solution.

    I also wonder why the media fails to report the outcomes of such things like the bailout of General Motors. GM has repaid back all of that money with interest and thanks to a government led initiative of better fuel economy and customer service such as a mandatory 5 year 100,000 mile warranty, they have posted a profit this past quarter. Chrysler, which had received numerous bailouts with no accountability under several Republican Presidents in the past, was forced to sell so that they could be the problem of another country.

    Also, what about Obama restoring full GI Bill and severance benefits to our military personnel, whose such benefits were cut by George W. Bush when he was in office. It was a total slap in the face for him to send those people into a pointless war for oil and expect their lives and then screw them over by taking away those benefits. Obama restored that.

    He also signed into law an equal pay act for women that was long overdue.

    For all those that criticize his policies as Socialist and redistributing the wealth, think about this. Guess who has received the most federal aid in the past in the form of free handouts? That's right, the big corporations like Wal Mart, Cabelas, billionaire sports teams. Walmart alone in the last four years under Bush, received more federal aid than every single individual welfare recipient combined. And they didn't need the money. So, when you talk about lets cut business taxes to increase jobs, it doesn't work because these businesses pay far less taxes in proportion to the rest of us already. They don't hire more when their taxes are cut. It's a sad fact that they are greedy and statistics even show this now. Business and corporate profits are way up this past year, but they aren't hiring. Why? Because the greedy executives who stumbled into their good fortune in the first place are obsessed with making even more.

    This is what happens when businesses are allowed to control things. When you have a stock price that dictates your business plan, when you have do nothing executive boards in place, the power becomes too great.

    The Publix model for business is a good example of business done right. They aren't a public company, have no CEO, and are owned as a collective by their employees. The result: more jobs, expansion of unique products such as Greenwise and Sedonas and a debt free company that donates more to charity in one month than Walmart does in a whole year.

    This all being said, it seems to me unreasonable for people to blame President Obama for all of the countries woes. He can't fix everything alone. Everyone else, businesses, officials, you and I, need to step up if we're going to not only turn this thing around, but sustain it in such a way that everyone who works hard and has good character benefits, not just those who have the money and power to do so.

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