: civil disobedience never tasted so good!

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    Who doesn't love baklava? That decadent Mediterranean morsel historically beloved by Byzantine and Ottoman alike. Made with paper-thin leaves of fillo dough, hearty walnuts, and golden honey, now this succulent homemade treat is available on the internet for home delivery.

    Let me introduce George "Mandrik" Skouras. George began with his grandmother's family recipe, brought over by his parents from Greece. Obsessed with the delicate nuances of flavor, he spent 16 years modifying that original recipe to produce his own signature ambrosia. From his premium ingredients to his anti authoritarian politics, George's Famous Baklava promises to deliver a uniquely satisfying culinary delight.

    *I guess I'm not allowed to post URLs yet, but if you Google "George's Famous Baklava" you'll find George's site, the facebook fan page, and my review at Examiner.com

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