CIC Bone Spur, Pardon me. Can you help a friend? Stone said It's possible I'll be indicted! DANG!

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    Roger Stone said Thursday that it's possible he'll be indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

    “I acknowledge it is a possibility," Stone said in an interview on Hill.TV's

    Stone, however, pushed back that he is "concerned" about being charged, noting that would suggest culpability.

    Some of Stone's contacts during the 2016 presidential race have attracted scrutiny, including his communications with WikiLeaks — and most recently an undisclosed meeting with a Russian who offered dirt on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

    The investigation, he said, has also made it difficult for him to talk to the president, who Stone says has likely been advised by his lawyers not to talk to him until the dust settles.
    "I'm sure that his lawyers have advised him that until this whole matter with the Russian collusion is settled," Stone said, noting that they talk from "time to time."

    "I'm sure his lawyers have advised him not to contact me."

    Stone previously said he could be indicted in May.
    Stone: It's possible I'll be indicted

    :dunno:So let's say here. Stone, Cohen are indicted. Manafort has been indicted many times. And is sitting in jail now.
    Better, another one sitting in jail. Could we now say the Russian Colutsionon is real DOPers?
    As most real rational Americans feel it is already a fact the Russians did. With the Drumpf 2015-2016.
    The Great Douche is falling apart starting fires all over the place to cover up this real news.:eusa_dance:
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    Trump expect allegiance, he doesn't give allegiance. they are all slime balls.

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