China's useful idiots

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    This is an older one of mine. As such, it is need of a bit of an update. However, the underlying premise remains valid, even if the outlook has grown more bleak since I first wrote it...

    China's Useful Idiots:
    The Rise (and Coming Fall) of the Capito-Communist Complex

    Vladimir Lenin has been quoted as referring to those Westerners from Capitalist nations who open espoused the virtues of Communism as 'useful idiots.' Despite the apocryphal nature of the accreditation, it still provides an interesting view on this phenomenon. During the days of the 'Red Menace,' the U.S.S.R. and the spread of Communism -we shall save our examination of the Soviets' and China's claims to be truly 'communist' for another time- were viewed as the greatest threat to 'The American Way.' Today we bear witness to the rise of another Red giant: The People's Republic of China- only this time, things are different. Whereas the Bolsheviks and the Chinese Communists both rose to power despite Western backing of the Whites, things have been handled differently in recent days. The Iron Curtain has fallen, and while the extent of Russia's Westernization might be debatable and relations with the West remain strained, the United States of America- arguably the very avatar of Western civilization has developed a very close-and highly toxic- relationship with her other old foe.

    Today we see growing evidence that Red China continues to watch our nation closely, readily picking up on any technological or military information they can obtain. The Fed has initiated multiple investigations into 'Illegal Transfers of Information' to China, and the People's Republic is today home to some of the most glaring Human Rights violations committed by a state in recent memory. Despite such concerns, however, the U.S.A. Continues her suicidal construction of an ever-stronger Red China. Current trade policies continue to move American assets to Chinese land to satiate Capitalism's self-destructive pursuit of ever-more profits and feed the insatiable appetite of modern-day Consumerist America- seeking satisfaction, salvation, and status from the rampant hording of cheaply-made goods that quickly lose their appeal like a new toy in the midst of a dozen new Christmas presents. That NASA hat, your Swingline stapler- even the American flag I recently purchased at a local Army surplus store- all bear the proclamation 'Made in China.' A few proudly proclaim to be made in Taiwan- that last remnant of Western-backed feudal lords and KMT that fled before the Red armies. However, seeing as China has made it clear that they have no intention to ever let Taiwan escape its grasp- and the fact that at best we've merely shifted our resources into a weaker-if friendlier- foreign power instead-I fail to see this as a sweeping change that will save our nation.

    In addition to the ever-more-common reports of lead in teacups, children's toys that turn into a common date-rape drug in swallowed, recalled dolls, and the growing cost of attempting to monitor, check, and control the flood of cheap foreign goods and poisonous toothpaste, we continue to see the Yuan grow in might as the dollar-for this and many other reasons- loses its importance and omnipotence in the world market. China is in Lenin's era of 'State Capitalism'- meanwhile the American republic reads more and more like a chapter in a High School history book- one in which we are approaching the end.

    It is easy to see why the big companies- the 'International Bourgeoisie' take this course of action- with no environmental standards to speak of, near-limitless human resources, and an eye easily blinded by money and power, China offers these companies somewhere they can produce their goods at a drastically reduced cost- freed of the safety regulations, minimum wage, and environmental regulations they would face in other nations. So long as it remains profitable, this line of action will not change. Most consumers-how telling, that phrase!- are content to enjoy the reduced cost, even while grumbling of a failed economy, the loss of American jobs, and diethelyn-glycol in the toothpaste. Those who would choose not to support this trend, however, find themselves with little choice- try finding much of anything in the average market made in the U.S.. While the West-and America in particular- may publicly decry the Human Rights violations and policies of Red China- and even proudly proclaim their past struggles against the rise of Communism- it is clear that they as a people and the United States as a nation are in no great rush to change this status quo. Alas, I fear it shall be a great contributor to their undoing- for once Red China has gained all our secrets and stands with not only the largest standing army in the world, but also as one of the worlds most-developed powers- presumably with power still staying in the hands of the Party- what use will they have for us then? I suspect that their memory is far longer than ours...
    Alas, those few who control the Party shall continue to due that which best serves their interests- as shall those who control the multi-national companies. We can expect no more of a government which has so obviously become yet another tyrant- and even less of a 'good' capitalist. The problem lies in that the American state, and also the masses of both nations shall be on the losing end. That those in power in the West do not even act to protect their own power and security is a sign of just how greatly they have failed themselves and the people. That the people of the American state fail to either see or act is a sign of just how content they have become in their gilded cages- even as that cage is lowered ever closer to the waters of economic collapse, social discontent, and internal and external threats that the nation may very well fail to defend itself from-especially if she continues to spread her forces across the globe. Then again, perhaps I am wrong- perhaps they have not failed to act, but have instead found a way to better their own ends in the process. In either case, I would like to extend my thanks in the name of the People....
    We have become China's useful idiots, providing them the means to strengthen themselves while simultaneously weakening our own position. Like with the feudal lords and the KMT, Red China needs only await the opportune moment to make their move and declare themselves the world's greatest power. Unless the United States acts quickly and decisively to ensure its survival, The Capito-Communist Complex will be yet another paragraph in the final chapter of the American Republic... I can't help wondering if this is what Marx foresaw when he foretold the eventual failure of Capitalism...

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