Chechnya: the Russian Federation’s mongoose

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    Sin City
    by Debbie

    By Tammy Swofford, Daily Times Pakistan

    Oppression thrives within political environments when the more granular concepts that reach out to meet basic population needs are not addressed in aggressive manner

    The Chechens have always been a stalwart people. They were one of the few groups to successfully withstand the invasive assault by the Mongol Empire during two centuries. A survivalist mentality that evolved within the 13th and 14th centuries allowed them to develop battle-tested mountain, forest and stream guerilla warfare tactics.

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    The author is either an idiot, or holds his readers for idiots:

    1. In 1438 Mongolo-Tatars took Bulgar (not Bulgarian!) fortress Kazan and settled there.
    After just over a century the fortress was taken by the Russians.

    2. What do Mongolo-Tatars have to do with Chechens? Even their Islamic believes are different!

    3. the author clearly hasn't got a clue about simple geography: what does Kazan have to do with NORTHERN CAUCASUS where Chechens live?

    4. town Tarki belonged to a state Gumik populated by CHRISTIANS until the 16 century; then it became part of Tarkovsky Shamkhalate. Chechens had nothing to do with either states!

    5. Stalin RESETTLED Chechens instead of applying the law and shooting almost every Chechen male for crimes of genocide against non-Chechen neighbours.

    6. author's claim that "1/3 of Chechens died" in Central Asia is as much of an uneducated and ignorant twaddle as the rest of his post.

    Conclusion: it was written by an uneducated twat for American audience.

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