challenger to the liberal democratic party is proven flunkie

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    Japanese Lawmaker Quits Opposition Party
    Mon Jan 26, 9:23 PM ET

    TOKYO - A lawmaker says he's resigning from Japan's largest opposition party after his claims of graduating from a California university turned out to be false.

    Junichiro Koga embodied the hopes of a rapidly growing Democratic Party seeking to oust Japan's long ruling Liberal Democratic Party from power when elected in November.

    But after it became clear he never graduated from Pepperdine University in California in 1982 as he earlier claimed, Koga said Tuesday that he would quit his party.

    The former professional tennis player, however, said he wouldn't abandon his seat in Parliament.



    **Oops again, seems this article was talking about failure of the political opposition in Japan to the administration of the pro-us Japan. Sorry about all the disappointment.**

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