Casino Owner's Bidder To Alabama Pols: Don't 'You F**kers F**k Us' On Bingo Bill

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    Casino Owner's Bidder To Alabama Pols: Don't 'You F**kers F**k Us' On Bingo Bill

    Eleven people -- including four current Alabama state legislators, three lobbyists and two businessmen with casino interests -- were charged Monday for their roles in an alleged conspiracy to influence pro-gambling state legislation. FBI agents arrested seven as of mid-Monday, and federal officials said the rest of those named in the wide-ranging probe would be in custody by the end of the day.

    Conversations unveiled in the indictment released Monday by the Justice Department and the FBI show that Alabama politicians and lobbyists allegedly used hard ball tactics and salty language that could make even former Illinois governor Rob Blagojevich blush.

    The two businessmen at the center of the probe, Milton McGregor (a 71-year old businessman with a controlling interest in two casinos including one called Victoryland) and Ronald Gilley (who owned a controlling interest in Country Crossing and wanted to offer electronic gambling), allegedly hired three lobbyists to work on their behalf. They allegedly bribed state legislators to vote in favor of legislation which would have benefited businesses operating electronic bingo facilities during the 2009 and 2010 Alabama state legislative sessions.


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