California Primary On Tuesday.

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    Just a reminder to members of U.S. Message Board, and who live in California...Tuesday is the California Primary.

    Polls will open at 7:00 A.M. and close at 8:00 P.M. Any person who is a legal resident of the State of California, and age 18 or older and is a registered can vote in the Tuesday Primary.

    If you "vote by mail" and have NOT mailed in your Absentee Ballot, just take it to the polling station nearest to you and turn it in. If you choose, you can "Surrender" your Absentee Ballot at your polling station and vote there. Inform the clerk that you wish to vote in person, the clerk will take your Absentee Ballot, write "Surrender" on it and tear it. You will then be issued a ballot and you can vote. If you are ill or otherwise indisposed, you can have a friend or family turn in your Absentee Ballot for you, there is space on the back of the envelope for this purpose, have the person turning in the ballot full out the necessary information and turn it in for you.

    If you are traveling, and discover that you still have your absentee ballot on your person, and you are in the State of California, just turn your Absentee Ballot in at a local polling station and the Ballot will be forwarded to the county of record.

    All Ballots MUST be turned in by Midnight Tuesday June 8, 2010 to qualify for counting purposes.

    No person, of legal voting age and a registered voter in the State of California can be denied the right to vote for the Candidates and Propositions of their individual choice. If any person, for any reason, at anytime attempts to interfer with your right to vote, contact the County Registrar of Voters and County District Attorney. Interfering with a person's right to vote is against the law.

    While it is now to late to register to vote for the Tuesday Primary, you Register for November Election. If you are over 18 years old, or will be 18 years old on Election Day, you can register to vote. Go to your local Library, City Hall or Fire House for the necessary Registration Forms. Some but no all Counties in California have "Registration On-Line". Be aware that you will still have to sign a registration form that will be sent to you in order for your registration to be valid.

    No political campaigning is allowed within 100-Feet of a Polling Station. Be aware that if you are wearing a t-shirt that as part of its design, a political message or supports a candidate or proposition you will be asked to cover the shirt or reverse (turn inside out) the t-shirt in question while in the polling station. This rule apples to caps as well, please remove any cap that directly supports or opposes a candidate or proposition prior to entering the polling station. No use of cell phones is allowed in the polling station.

    No person who is of legal voting age and a registered voter can be denied their right to vote based upon their ethnic background, race, religion, gender or gender preference. If any person, at anytime, for any reason attempts to prevent you from voting based of the above, report this person to the Judge at the Polling Station and legal action will be taken.

    In California, if you are a First Time Voter, you will be asked to show proof of who you are, California Driver's Licence or I.D. are the standard. But if you have an old pass port that will work as well.

    No person can use undo influence on a voter in California in order to effect the outcome of an election. If any person, at anytime, for any reason does this, contact the County Registrar of Voters and the County D.A. and legal action will be taken. Most employers will give you time off to vote, but it is up to you to verify this. No employer can exert influence over your vote, "If you want time off to vote, you must vote for this person or that proposition." such influence is illegal. Again call the Registrar of Voters and the D.A. if your employer is attempting to influence your vote.

    Any person who has commited a felony, but has completed all Parole and Probation and has fulfilled all the obligations of the Judges Sentencing Reccomendation (Community Service, Drug Rehab and the like) can vote in the State of California. Contact your P.O. for information on this. Not all counties have the same procedures. But it is your right, if you have completed prison time, have no outstanding parole or probation and have fulfilled the reccomendations handed down from the bench and are of legal age to vote.

    If you are disabled and are in need of assistance in the polling station, just one of the clerks to help you.

    Please Vote.
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