CA Budget Progress! (It's About The "Teachers!")

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    In California,The collective ability of 340,000 adults to draw government paychecks, for "working," as "teachers," doing wrong things, advising wrong things--is on the table, even now, and even where it belongs! It belongs in the schools! SEIU affected "educational-related" members had ads on TV, of course, all about it.

    UC itself, will finally cut senior faculty, in excess of $250,000 per year, the most: On a sliding scale of 7% for them, down to 1% cuts at the levels where the "senior faculty" belong--at about $40,000 per year. These are, after all, teachers, (who are wrong).

    CSU, by comparison, has its own "educated" concept: "Stop Enrollments Next Winter," affecting about 34,000 underage minors, in one season alone. Someone in Los Angeles, (and in writing), questioned the propriety of the media outpouring for Michael Jackson, accused of doing Irish things. Now, in California, there is even a secular version--and for a lot of minor children all at once--becuause of teachers.

    Locally, $12.0 bil. in budgetary funding has vanished, along with summer school for most of the same people. Still not reported is whether or not the school police, or the teachers themselves, are taking the greater levels of the cuts. Then there are the administrators, the counselors, and the even lesser qualified teacher "aides," and the crossing guards.

    The Governor is proposing a fourth furlough day every month--for the rest of state employees--who are an educated people

    In the Assembly, from the liberal California precincts, there have been repeated calls for in fact gutting the state "auto-pilot" of programs on fixed-percentage COLA's, and other basis. Allegedly "fiscal conservative" GOP have never signed on, and in fact have blocked most of the budget deals created even at the Governor's Office, so far in the impasse.

    Liberal Democrats, for example the "Blue Dogs" at the federal level, are even in Health Reform echoing the Liberal Democratic State Assemblymembers in California--to advocate more cost-controls, and value-indexing, (and whatever the hell that is, applied to health care). Some tummy-tucks are simply more valueable than other tummy tucks: And as for the nose jobs. . . .Likely even the George Cohan legacy wants to comment on that, Not Even! The Blue Dogs tend to side with the famous California Assembly leader--who walked out on the Governor's assertion that Welfare is Not Following the Federal Rules, to try to cut that: And instead want even Rural Medical delivery sytems created and safeguarded, and priortized: Similar to greater small business safeguards and priorities safeguarded. No doubt, some nature of "Caritas In Veritate," may be involved.

    No one seems to want to remind everyone that "Teachers," actually caused all of the crisis, including accepting how the educational system works, and how they get paid--applied by them, and their "educated people,"even everywhere. It's like running around Venice Beach, reminding everyone that Israel Doesn't Work--and to the tune of upwards of $3.0 tril., in aid, and just so far. One thing or another--just seems to boggle the mind, anymore--and especially running around, any more.

    Anyone is left trying to find out just how much Israel spends on foreign aid! And then there is Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and all the other "successful" economies of our world(?), and how much they are all spending on foreign aid(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Putting the Reagan Trajectory back on track: Just seems to somehow come to mind, anymore: And maybe even in South Chicago--in fact, at this time, for some of the parts of it!)
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