Bush & Blair: A Friendship Built on Principles

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    Why Is Bush So Stingy?
    By Amity Shlaes
    June 16, 2005

    After all, the U.S. president owes the British prime minister. Tony Blair joined him in the unpopular Iraq war as others fled. "Yes, Tony," should be the reply that comes from Washington to any big request after that stupendous gift.

    Sure, the pair concluded a recent agreement on debt relief— international organizations will cancel the debt obligations of 18 countries. But that move still leaves Blair standing alone on two topics dear to his heart: expanding aid to poorer countries and global warming. The risk is humiliation at the forthcoming summit of leading nations in Gleneagles, Scotland. In the minds of news editors, the headline is already written: "Bush shames Blair in Scotland as Putin watches!"

    But the headline is too harsh. There are reasonable explanations for President Bush's behavior. Overall, Bush is disagreeing with Blair not because he is a poor friend but because he is a good one.


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