BP Progress Post-Obama Address!

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    The heavens of Abraham Lincoln's famous god of war, had hurled their lightening bolts on June 15: To support the assault of Abraham Lincoln's, famous god of war: Against the South, again! Billions worldwide know that McCain-Palin had originally advocated the New Great Assault in the "Drill Baby Drill" plan of 2008. Now their god had started a fire at the Gulf Spill recovery location.

    BP has now appeared to want to come to the aid of the other side! There is apparent concurrence with the creation of the Gulf Coast reparations independent account. The fire started from the thunrderbolt of Abraham Lincoln's, famous god of war: Was actually put out and the re-capture of the spill flow re-started.

    And now there is a second one!

    Additional Oil and Gas Containment System | Press release | BP

    BP takes pains to explain the the two technologies now in place, and now deployed, and now at work: Have never been tried before at the new depths. Others have noted that drilling and exploration does have to happen at the new depths, moving forward. The White House intends to help make alternative energy sources affordable, likely even using the Great Socialist market pricing mechanisms to bring that about. There is backing for doing that in the Great Socialist credit markets, and in the United States--at over $50.0 tril, just there alone.

    Contrary to GOP claims of pricing extravagence: Likely, in fact, there is a buck or two in there for that. There are likely even Euros available for that. There are likely pounds sterling for that.

    GOP claims the more Kenyan model of government size and scope, and including that credit market: Instead! There is apparentl some question regarding just where it is the President comes from, and certainly the GOP would not want to be thought prejudiced, apparently(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Her Majesty's former prime minister had started to explain the Great Socialist Credit markets, especially to the former Colonials themselves, in the famous "Brown's Lecture at Davos. Now in California it is even noted: That at least two other of the bigoted women have managed to surface. Like little spring chickadees, even there--oil spill or none--It only takes $150.0 mil., in fact--just for the one of them to surface! Anyone would guess that likely in fact that would not be thought a legitimate claim of "damaged goods," however: Even to a third party, independent payer!)
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