Boss-achusetts: Do as we say, or pay

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    MASSACHUSETTS politicians last week rose to new heights of holier-than-thou arrogance. House members on Thursday — just three days after the 80-page bill was introduced — voted overwhelmingly to tax businesses that do not provide health insurance for their employees, and to require all residents who can afford it to buy health insurance.

    The payroll tax, which is bad enough, at least is designed to replace an existing levy on businesses. The mandate that all residents carry health insurance is a wholly new burden.

    No doubt, buying health insurance is a good idea. But so is buying a car with a five-star safety rating, brushing after meals and not running with scissors. And yet government lets people decide whether to do these things.

    For some reason, Bay State representatives have decided that they have the right to make personal financial decisions for the citizens who elected them. What is scary about this decision is where it might lead.

    Carrying health insurance is not the same as carrying car insurance. The state built the roads, and therefore has a legitimate say in who gets to drive on them. But caring for one's own health is a private decision, even if it tangentially affects others.

    If the state can order people to buy health insurance, then where does that authority stop? Why can't it order people to exercise a half-hour a day, quit smoking, and floss regularly?

    As outrageous as this is, we suppose we should be thankful. If these proposals become law, they probably will push more businesses over the border, fueling additional economic growth here in New Hampshire.

    This kind of legislation is a reminder why there is no such thing as the Massachusetts Advantage.

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