Blood On Media's Hands After Series of Hate Crimes...

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    Class Warfare & Race Baiting lead to violence. But that's what the Liberal Media and President want i guess. It's very sad. Is winning an Election really worth all this?

    Motivated By Media Lies About George Zimmerman, a Hate Crime Occurs In Chicago

    We're learning today that in Obama's Chicago, 18 year-old Alton L. Hayes has just been charged by police with "attempted robbery and aggravated battery along with a hate crime" for attacking and robbing a 19 year-old man. Hayes is black, the victim is white, and Hayes told investigators "he was angry about the [Trayvon] Martin shooting and decided to attack the victim because of his race."

    Now why would Hayes do this? For starters, Zimmerman is Hispanic, not Caucasian. Secondly, there's absolutely zero proof Zimmerman was racially motivated to shoot Martin. In fact, an overwhelming amount of evidence suggests race had nothing to do with it.

    My guess is that if Hayes is telling the truth about his sinister motives, he's been watching too much CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and ABC. After all, those are the media outlets guilty, in some cases, of outright racial fabrication in their zeal to aid Barack Obama's re-election campaign by falsely attributing racism to Mr. Zimmerman's motives.

    The bottom line is that if Hayes' professed motive for attacking another man is based on lies told over and over and over again by Obama's Media Palace Guards.

    For those of us who monitor the corrupt media, the Trayvon Martin story was on our radars as a media phenomenon. But what confirmed the political motive was when our divisive, polarizing President gave his media minions the green-light to go all-in after he cynically made the shooting of an unarmed Florida teenager all about race ("My son would look like Trayvon").

    Florida is a must-win swing state for the President and turnout is where his fortunes will live or die. Ginning up the base brings voters to the polls and nothing gins up Democrat voters like a good old-fashioned racial firestorm. And because the media's in bed with Barack Obama, a racial firestorm (based on misinformation) is what we got.

    First came the media's obvious disappointment over the fact that the alleged shooter, a man with the name "Zimmerman," was neither Caucasian nor Jewish...

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    Motivated By Media Lies About George Zimmerman, a Hate Crime Occurs In Chicago

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