Biggest Threat to Public Unions - CALIFORNIA? Huh?

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    In the big liberal cities of San Jose and San Diego, the VOTERS in these cities voted to strip the Public Union workers of there vastly over-paid and under-funded pensions and replace them with individual private sectoresqe 401K. This is vastly more radical then what the Brave Gov Walker did. Walker kept in the pensions, but required the Union members to actually pay some for it. Here the pensions got eliminated and they now have individual non-tax payor funded retirement plans.

    Voteres over-welmingly supported this to a tune of 69% in SD and 71% in San Jose!

    Note these aren't Republican havens or small cities. A GOP candidate couldn't evern get 10% of the vote in either city. San Diego is the 2nd largest (1.3 mil) and San Jose is the 3rd largest (nearly 1 mil) CA city!
    List of largest California cities by population - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If every State, City and Federal government followed SD and SJ lead there wouldn't be any Pensions left in the country. How fiscally sound would we be!!!


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