"Before You Vote Again For A Socialist Dictator? Think Again"

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    Yo, you notice how Obama had his Puppets go to towns where Blacks were involved? It shows the truth behind his Socialist Racist Agenda! You didn`t see the D.O.J. in towns where Whites, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hispanics, Jews, Etc. get murdered, thought I would point this out for the "True Idiots" in America!!! This Commie Obama, has set the footprints for future "Socialist Dictators" to takeover the Police Departments and use them against the U.S.A. Citizens, period, Wake Up!!!

    "Eric Holder, Attorney General Below"
    DOJ Police Probes And Consent Decrees Spike Under Obama

    "This Cop Is Saying Under His Breath, I Know What You Stand For Twat!"

    Legal settlements between the Department of Justice and local police departments across the country have skyrocketed under the Obama administration.

    The settlements are known as consent decrees and are reached after a federal investigation. The departments typically do not have to admit guilt or liability.

    The latest law enforcement agency to enter a consent decree agreement with the DOJ was the Cleveland Police Department, the 16th one since President Obama took office. The Baltimore Police Department entered a consent decree agreement earlier in the month.

    Similar to the controversial local policing events leading up to investigations and DOJ consent decree agreements imposed on law enforcement in Baltimore and Cleveland, the death of an unarmed black teenager at the hands of a white police officer in Ferguson Missouri eventually triggered a federal investigation.

    Read more: DOJ Police Probes And Consent Decrees Spike Under Obama

    "Loretta Lynch, Attorney General Below"
    The Department of Justice and police violence against African-Americans

    "To All Citizens, This Is My New Puppet, And Will Do What I Tell Her!"
    "Brought To You By Phony Black Lives Matter" dog-pooping.gif

    Sign the petition

    The petition to Attorney General Loretta Lynch reads:

    “It’s clear that when it comes to African-Americans being brutalized or killed by police, we cannot trust local law enforcement officials to bring perpetrators to justice. The Department of Justice must step in and use the full weight of its authority and resources to ensure the full investigation and prosecution of any law enforcement officials, including police officers, who fail to protect and stand up for Black lives.”

    Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland. John Crawford III. Eric Garner. Tanisha Anderson.
    Black lives taken by police violence. Prosecutors who stack the deck. Police killers who face no consequences.

    It’s a national crisis that demands a national response. The Department of Justice must step in to ensure the full investigation and prosecution of all law enforcement officials, including police officers, who brutalize or kill African-Americans.

    Tell Attorney General Loretta Lynch: Use the Justice Department’s full authority and resources to fight police violence targeting African-Americans.

    Last month, when prosecutors failed to bring charges against the police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice, people were outraged and horrified, but not necessarily surprised — police officers who kill African-Americans routinely escape consequences because prosecutors act to protect police.

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) has the authority to investigate excessive force or other actions by law enforcement officials to determine if they are civil rights violations, either against an individual or as a “pattern or practice” against a community.1,2.

    These investigations are vital because local police and prosecutors, intent on protecting police and their own political careers, may conduct sham investigations, or actively engage in cover-ups to bury key evidence.3 These investigations can also reveal systemic problems within local police departments or prosecutors offices.

    Given the DOJ’s authority, Attorney General Lynch must take action to ensure the constitutional rights of African-Americans are protected, whether from police violence, or the prosecutorial misconduct that lets police officers go free. Rather than wait to see if local officials will do the right thing, Attorney General Lynch should immediately deploy the resources of the FBI and the DOJ’s Civil Rights division to conduct a full investigation any time an African-American is brutalized or killed by police.

    Sign the petition: Justice Department must fight police violence against African Americans


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