Before Trump, it was the Mainstream Media which regularly called Brennan a LIAR

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    Who says the Mainstream Media isn't a Fraud. Used to be after Brennan as a serial LIAR. Now they hire him?


    "As reports emerged Thursday that an internal investigation by the Central Intelligence Agency’s inspector general found that the CIA “improperly” spied on US Senate staffers when researching the CIA’s dark history of torture, it was hard to conclude anything but the obvious: John Brennan blatantly lied to the American public. Again...

    ...Brennan also fed the public wildly inaccurate details about the Osama bin Laden raid in 2011, and despite condemning leaks of classified information from others, he has often leaks classified information himself to suit his own needs. This is not the type of guy who is going to resign because of some report he doesn’t like; this is the type of spy who apologizes even though he’s not sorry, who lies because he doesn’t like to tell the truth."

    How Times Change: 2014 Mainstream Media Demands Obama Fire Brennan, Fix Intel Agencies
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