Barack Hussein Canute

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    In popular lore King Canute could command the waves not to come in on shore. Similarly Obama has taken a page and determined he can make things happen merely by commanding them. So during the oil spill he snapped at BP "Just plug the damn hole" like no one had considered that or had been working on it.
    So today to solve the debt ceiling issue he tells the GOP "Just get it done."
    Now, the GOP is not the problem. They have written a budget, that the Senate will not consider. They have proposed a "clean" debt ceiling rise, which was defeated largely by the Democrats in the House.
    But Obama somehow believes he can resolve the issue just by telling people to resolve it. He is pitiful. He is out of ideas. Out of negotiating strategy. And with any luck out of time for a second term.
    'Get it done,' Obama challenges GOP on debt talks - Yahoo! News
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