Bad economy preventing recycling

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    Interesting piece in the NY Times today about hard times for the recycling industry. Companies unable to get a good price for waste are stockpiling it in warehouses waiting for the market to recover.

    “We’re warehousing it and warehousing it and warehousing it,” said Johnny Gold, senior vice president at the Newark Group, a company that has 13 recycling plants across the country. Mr. Gold said the industry had seen downturns before but not like this.

    Johnny Gold from Newark? Talk about a Soprano's flashback.

    Small firms that don't have room to spare turn it away and off it goes to our scenic landfills to produce methane for our children's children.:clap2:

    How bad is the market? As recently as October, mixed paper sold for $105 a ton. Now it's about $20 to $25. And a ton of tin used to fetch $327. How about 5 bucks for your trouble.

    Lucky for the crack heads, demand for glass is still high, so they can remain that way as well.

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