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    I doubt anyone here's seen it, or even wants to see it (maybe Johnney or Joker). It's a Japanese movie that starts out as a simple romantic comedy, then... really goes off track. Like, REALLY.

    The plot's about a middle-aged movie executive who, at his son's request, decides to start dating again after 7 years of mourning his first wife, who dies at the beginning of the movie of an unknown disease. He designs a plot to audition the same women for his new movie as well as for potential wives. He meets a quiet girl who he takes a liking to her, though her background info is a little unclear. He takes her out on one date, then promises he'll call again soon.

    This is where it starts to go off the deep end. We see the girl in her dark apartment, staring at her phone, waiting for it to ring, for hours. In the background, we see a large burlap bag, which isn't a big deal, until the bag starts wiggling and moaning.

    The movie then continues on the romantic course for a while until the man asks the woman to marry him and she disappears. He tracks her down, finding a trail of steady, horrifying abuse along the way.

    So, the last 30 minutes or so... It's only fair to warn that there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead, as the movie changes courses in a huge way. But, like I said, I doubt anyone here will be rushing out to see it anyway...

    So, the girl sneaks into the man's house and puts poison in his liquor bottle, which she knows he drinks from every night. He drinks it and passes out, and when he awakes, he finds the girl hovering over him, smiling very menacingly. She tells him that his body is paralyzed but his "nerves are still very alive". After a short explanation of how men need to be punished, etc., she gets down to business.

    It's rare that I have to turn away from the screen in disgust, but this one got to me. The girl begins by shoving a syringe into the man's tongue. She then sticks some acupuncture needles into his chest, shoving them a good inch, inch and a half in (all in extreme close-up detail, by the way). The whole time she's singing this song that basically goes "deeper, deeper, deeper", it's extremely disturbing. And that's even before she sticks the needles in his eyes.

    Maybe it's just something about doing stuff to eyes, the last thing that grossed me out as much as this was the eye thing at the end of 28 Days Later.

    Anyway, the coup de grat comes when she pulls out a short length of heavy wire, wraps it around his ankles, and smiles with glee as she saws his feet off (again, all in detailed close-ups). Somewhere in there, we finally see what was in that burlap bag, her last victim, missing most of his fingers, an ear, and his tongue. There's a very classy scene of her throwing up into a dog bowl and making him eat it.

    Believe it or not, this is actually an art movie with some heavy themes on love and the sexes and child abuse, among other things. However, its reputation is obviously in its bloody climax. I guess if we wanted to revive that 'Most Disturbing Movie Scene' thread, I would definitely have a new candidate. :puke3:

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